IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!

I know there’s the “Editions” thread, but I don’t want to sidejack that into this conversation, and I’d like us to have a thread to specifically vocalize this concern / thought / wish.

Please, powers that be, make a Collector’s Edition available for PC. This series was born on the PC, and a lot of us have poured a ton of support into IOI over the years; I personally got the Hitman (2016) CE, and the only thing that matched my excitement at the announcement of the new game and its CE was my disappointment when @Travis_IOI stated there weren’t any plans for a PC CE.

I’m not normally one to say “start a petition” but I’m hoping that if we can get enough community movement on this that maybe, just maybe, we can get a shift in position from those up high. Also, if we’re absolutely in no way whatsoever ever going to even potentially maybe see a Collector’s Edition for this game, and if I’m wasting my time and typing on this, I welcome someone from IOI or Warner to tell us so, and, hopefully, explain why.

Please, IOI, Warner, whoever made this call – change your mind. Make a PC CE available. Right now our only option is to buy a console CE and then re-buy the PC game (with reduced digital content goodies), and money expense aside, it just leaves a bad taste in folks’ mouth.


P.S. I loved the CE goodies so much last time that I wore the tie and tie pin to the symphony the night I proposed. I’m seriously jonesing for the case and the coin. The rubber duck and the keyring are also super sweet.


My kind of guy, I hope she said yes! :star_struck:

I agree to this, I would love that case.


She did! We went to the Symphony of the Goddesses (Zelda Orchestra). We’re marrying this November in a beautiful library.

Coincidentally (and back on topic) both that symphony hall and the library we picked for our venue would be amazing Hitman levels.



I already pre-ordered the game on steam but I would absolutely pay 50-70$ for a CE box and stuff without the game disk.
My local game store are really good at ordering to many collector editions so I might buy one and see if I can sell the ps4,Xbone disk to someone.

P.S. congrats twobitmatt!


EA would absolutely love you


And in the case a CE doesn’t get made, please allows us at the very least to be able to purchase the in-game content associated with it.


lol ea bad amirite

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If worse comes to worse and you REALLY want it. Just buy a console version and sell the game?


Also in the news, woods still live in bears

Gorgeous wedding venue. Congrats!

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Maybe if EA managed to crap out a game that wasn’t totally shit

I was extremely annoyed about this too, I wish they would just make a PC version. I personally hate consoles and seeing as the CE in Australia is $250 and the Gold Edition on PC is $131 I am not willing to pay $381 just to get the CE of my favourite videogame franchise. I completely backup what you said there, @twobitmatt.

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Make PC Gold edition Boxed PLZ!

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Yeah that’s really TOO BAD that we, PC players, are missing such a great piece like that :frowning:

For once there’s a Briefcase CE Edition for Hitman, it has to be exclusive for consoles…dammit ><

I understand you have a deal with Warner Bros. but please guys, for the fans sake, don’t leave PC players with nothing!!

At this point i’m definitely willing to buy this sequel but only if we can have at least a decent physical version on PC, that’s the minimum you could do after telling us there won’t be any CE for PC!!

Also, for those saying that we could buy the console Edition then put the PC disk on it…what about the DLCs and extra levels?

Would you buy a car without any wheels? That’s the same feeling here…

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I’m not a PC player but I just think it sucks


On a related note, is IOI still independant, or are they under Warner Bros now? Or is ist, like I think it is, that WB is just the physical releases publisher, and that IOI are still independant.

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Correct, WB is just the publisher

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The PC users don’t even need a disc, so therefore it would be cheaper to do a PC CE version, just give us an online activation code.


I mean, there’s obviously folks here willing to shell out a decent amount of cash, even for physical content (disc) than the console versions, and I really hope IOI / WB see that and reconsider. @Travis_IOI, are we hoping in vain here?
Because I really, really, REALLY want that CE.

EDIT: @Clemens_IOI is apparently the IOI person to tag right now, per the “Editions” thread.


Just wanted to add my voice here as well, a PC CE would be very welcome, as people have already said there doesn’t even need to be any discs, just an steam code.