IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


That’s actually what I was wondering about the difficulty of when it was brought up. I don’t know anything about how that works. They stated above (I may be misinterpreting) that they aren’t planning to sell the CE items separately, so I can’t think of any other way to actually get those objects on the PC at all?

Unless those just come with gold as far as US PC is concerned.


Which would be a nice concession, but that also might then create a disincentive for other markets to get CE versus gold, or cause even more regional strife…
It’s a weird path to navigate in either case.
Hopefully we’ll hear back from IOI sometime soon =)


Yeah I’m just suggesting things that could make this less sucky for the US. I thought CE was just extra physical content over Gold, not extra items as well. If only they could go back in time and just call it ‘Europe Exclusive Content’. :laughing: Then I’d just look at it like the Sarajevo Six, which sucks but I just watched a lot of YouTube videos instead. Maybe it seems more up in the air since it hasn’t actually happened yet, and when we finally definitely don’t get access it’ll suck less? I dunno.

I guess it’s because I just realised I’m not getting the suit today so it’s still pretty fresh. I’ll get over it.


I used to work as a bouncer in 2010/11. I’m a pretty big guy myself and had coworkers much more bigger especially in height.
Baddest motherfuckers I worked with were the ones you never expected.
Now since 2 years I work as a night porter in a sort of luxury hotel and we have some politicians that comes over during the year with each their own personal bodyguard or undercover policemen and they are the most average looking people you ever seen.
But when you see a guy like that and happens to be Berlusconi’s bodyguard you know he means business.
From what I seen here they don’t act like in the movies or what you see in Hitman that they follow them around some meters behind, but they behave like they are friends or just stay at separate tables each minding their own stuff and they would even have a chat with the staff about personal stuff and hobbies and joke around.
And they don’t even sleep in the same rooms but will have the rooms close to each other or won’t stay awake at night guarding the room. But seems they sleep at night

Last month we had a police officer and he offered me some Cola Whiskey. We chatted and I had all these questions about the Italian police and the bad places around Italy. He was very kind and told me a bunch of things.
It will be a very realistic feature if they included hidden bodyguards like in the real world or as this police officer I become friends with.


The best bodyguard I know is a pretty skinny looking (he’s fit but not large) Asian dude. He’ll mess you right the hell up though, jeeze. I love him so much.
Like @twobitmatt mentioned, he tends to do the work after someone’s already messed up, rather than being the preventative measure. He’s excellent. I’ve seen him handle things I didn’t think were handle-able.

I can’t imagine how someone would implement that in a video game, though.

Aggro huge dude in the front
Random man from background runs up and decks you, instaKO


I mean, you could make it work, I think. Have big dude in suit with target, always within ten feet – obvious bodyguard. But then have dude in plainsclothes who’s within a fifty foot radius – he’s nearly always “eyes on target” but generally just mingles and doesn’t stick out. Something happens to bodyguard or target, and all of a sudden you have an unnoticed opponent that might blow your cover, or kill you.
Alternatively, if you’re paying close attention throughout the target’s movement cycle / patrol, you might pick up on “hey, that one dude in the club always seems to be kinda hovering at a distance… hmmm…” and you take him out, and get a keycard / sidearm / something useful. Encourages observation and taking your time on field analysis before striking.
At least, that’s how I’d think about implementing it.


Oh I meant less in terms of actual implementation and more in how annoyed many players would be when they thought they were in the clear and a random guy showed up to ruin their day.
Especially as far as elusive targets are concerned, because it would both make the most sense and potentially be the most frustrating.


Ah, very fair point.
I’d say you’d want to introduce the idea with an identified one. “Mark travels with a proximity guard, Jim, but also look out for Steve, he looks like [formal ID] but could be blending in” – then in a later story mission, repeat this WITHOUT telling 47 that Mark has a Steve and a Jim, thus encouraging the player to always look for a Jim … then it’d be a little more okay to include with elusive targets. IMO.


I can understand you’re not selling CE to Middle East,Asia,EU except UK.

But why not USA or NA, are you fucking kidding with us? Every hitman game since Blood Money was including at least one location from USA.
Are you really expecting us to flying UK and buying the CE? Why not If you’re paying our flight and visa costs!

Note: Maybe I’m living in Turkey but it doesn’t mean I won’t ask If I believe something is totally bullshit.


there’s CE in NA for consoles.


And we’re talking about PC’s.


Well, I try to look at it this way – positive community engagement got a PC CE for every market it could; originally there was NO collector’s edition for PC players at all, and now at least some people have the opportunity for one; unfortunately, it does appear that (for unknown reasons) the CE can’t be done for the North American market for PC players. I am of course crossing my fingers for a miracle, but I personally don’t blame IOI or even WB, at least until we know more about what was involved in that decision (which, we may not ever learn, sadly).

An earlier theory that I still stand by is that GameStop likely doesn’t want to add a PC SKU for CEs now, and since they have exclusivity on the provisioning of CE SKUs for this title, they can just say no, and WB / IOI has no legal recourse to do otherwise. Given that when you go to the Amazon UK page for the PC CE and see that it can’t be shipped to the U.S., that smells of exclusivity contracts.

And of any forum on the web, we should understand how serious Contracts can be. badump tss


yeah, but you were going on about how there’s an NA level in every game or whatever.

they clearly do care about NA players :stuck_out_tongue: only reason the PC CE is not available is because it was probably made for high demand, and NA just wasn’t in the question for something made quickly


Any updates on DLC working if we get the UK version @Clemens_IOI?


No, not yet, I’m still awaiting a answer from the region Gods, but don’t worry - I’ll update you guys as soon as I have any news! :slight_smile:


Thanks again! Sorry for the extraneous ping, I’m just so antsy.
If region Gods need sacrifices, tell us.


No worries man, I completely get it! :slight_smile: And if they need a sacrifice, I’ll hunt down a goat for you guys.


Don’t sacrifice yourself!
(Since you’re the greatest of a-- alright I’m done sucking up. :expressionless:)


@Clemens_IOI Just promise us that you guys will try to speak up louder for us outside-UK PC fans in the future, OK? I have a workaround assuming no region locking, but like I said elsewhere if I’m gonna stand behind you guys I need to know you’re gonna stand behind me and try to not let me and the rest of us over here get shafted again in return.

Maybe Gameshtup could put PC CE’s up as preorders on Kickstarter and only order as many units as they get commitments for plus another 10-20% of that number for shelves? Crowdfunding does AMAZING things for streamlining production and distribution of low-quantity higher-price items, I could refer you to a client of mine as a case study… :slight_smile: As I said, if you guys can be more open with us about what the Blockers are, maybe the combined creativity of the membership here can help you guys find a way around them.

Yes, I’m still damn salty, but I’m attempting to extend an olive branch as a gesture of good faith in the hopes that you guys will eventually figure out something to take care of your fans over here. :slight_smile:

#201 This tweet made me so sad =(