IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


I’m at school so I can’t see the tweet. What is it about?


Ah, sorry, I was just being silly / salty, someone pre-ordered the CE and the Hitman Twitter account told them to enjoy the briefcase =’(


yeah ngl I was a little butt hurty when I saw that as well.


I mean, my butt felt fine, it was just my heart that ached slightly.
Although either of those could honestly be just as easily blamed on the deep-dish feast I had midday, instead of these tweets.
But I’m gonna go with it being the tweets. =p


Have you not managed to confirm whether theres a region lock on the PC CE yet?


Why would you be sad? Everyone gets the briefcase, IO is referring to the CE briefcase, it’s all packed in a briefcase like box.


Any news if we can buy that suit separately?


Read somewhere that there was no plans to sell it separately at this time, however you can bet any amount you want it’ll be available as purchasable DLC a few months after release

EDIT: however it is called the collectors pack on the official website so who knows?


I… uh… I don’t mean to be a jerk, but … did you read this thread before making that comment? Or like, even a few posts in it? I mean, just the topic title might help answer your question.
I fought for there to even be a PC CE for anyone, rallying fans here and in the Editions thread, and finally getting WB / IOI to decide to go ahead with making it available.
Then there wasn’t a PC CE for any NA customers, of which I am one.
It’s been confirmed (also in this thread) that there’s not going to be one.
Thus why several of us have been disappointed / sad / etc.
So, for those of us in the latter category, again, which is fully explained in a few posts above you, this is (absolutely unintended and completely blame free) salt in the wound.

Not yet. We’re waiting to hear back from @Clemens_IOI or someone else on the PC CE region locking / DLC region locking / etc.
Though I have to say the more I look at the cost of importing and everything else, I really don’t know that I can reasonably pay those extra costs with everything else going on.


Like I said, if there’s no region-lock I have a buddy who has access to APO mail overseas (military/government and dependents) who thinks he can do Amazon UK to-my-door for $180… but if this is the way things are going to be from now on I’m not really sure if the juice is worth the squeeze.

Thanks for nothin’, IOI, enjoy all your future NON-sales from me until you find a publisher who can get a crowbar and pry their head out of their ass… #F—WB


Why do you keep writing this? Just why?


Why do YOU keep reading it? Why does TwoBitMatt keep on this apparently Quixotic quest? Why are we even wasting our time here?

If YOU don’t want a CE, butt out and let us who did have our space to grieve in peace.


It’s not like you only whine in this thread. And spamming “Hate IOI, hate WB, poor me, give me a CE” isn’t adding much to any of the forum discussions.


I never said “give” anything–give is a handout, when I’m willing to pay full list price–and I NEVER pay full price, so that should tell everybody it’s a BIG F’IN’ DEAL. I’ve even offered multiple suggestions for creative possibilities to end-run whatever Blockers there are while all YOU do is pee in our Wheaties.

Go play with your console pals and leave us PC’ers alone.


Sorry but Fyodor’s got a point.


Agree 100%.

The constant annoying whining almost has me hoping that the PC CE is region-locked, just to spite him.


Diamondback is right, I won’t argue about that.

But @Diamondback , like UnitedFyodor said spamming won’t change anything.


:frowning: 󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡󠀡


I mean, I’d make the argument that a PC CE existing at all isn’t quixotic, at this stage. I’d say that’s a victory! After all, the root “cause” of this thread was to get THAT done, at all, and it’s happened!

I wish there was a PC CE for North American customers. I do. And, heck, I’ll even say I’d be delighted if someone (WB, IOI, Scott Sterling*, anyone) would GIVE me a CE. “Hey bud, thanks for your efforts, we know you’re saving up for a wedding and you frikkin’ proposed in Hitman CE gear, heck yeah, have a Hitman 2 CE!” But I also accept that the world doesn’t work like that and being nice has to be its own reward, and I’m willing to try to find a viable way of making that happen, barring region lock.

But … y’all, I keep seeing this thread loop back on the same stuff. Toxicity from a few posters and then a devolution of discussion into insults, non-logical presumption, and …

I dunno man. You guys are making me sad. Both sides. I want us to be a community. And yes, communities and families argue, they fight, but they do it with the acceptance and understanding of each other; or at least, they should.

When I decided to charge this windmill, I did think it was quixotic. I mean, to get a group of gamers together, to organize them to talk to a developer and publisher and to get an edition of a game that flat out didn’t exist, and, to quote, for which there “are no plans for” – that’s borderline fantasy.

But we made it happen! By the grace of something, we made it happen. I mean I literally told all my family and friends (who remotely care about VG, at least… not like I called my grandma) that this gaming community came together in support of something, and made a positive impact.

But then I wake up today and before I even have my coffee I see all of the above.

Guys / gals… please. Stop? Stop picking on each other. Stop throwing vulgarities at WB, IOI, and everyone else, especially when we don’t know how / who that went wrong. I get the frustration. I do! But when we’ve seen, IN THIS THREAD, that this company, that these employees, are listening and doing good for us… it doesn’t help us to throw things in their face, especially things they’ve gone to bat for us on.

Anyway, I’m being long winded; I’m sorry. It’s the fiancee’s birthday this morning and I wanted to just enjoy coffee and addressing wedding invites with her, not see that this is happening again.

I love you all, I love Hitman, and I hope we can all take some time to find peace and joy in our hearts today.

p.s. @Clemens_IOI, hey bud, I know you’re still waiting to hear back from the Region Gods, I just wanted to take an extra second to say again that I appreciate all you’ve done, and all you’re doing.


i like your positivity but it’s not that deep :stuck_out_tongue: people argue and get heated all the time, it’s how forums work, and you just gotta wait til it tides over. there will always be people who bother you, just ignore them, it’s not worth paying attention :wink:

happy birthday to your fiancee, good luck with the invites