IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


Thank you! Yeah, I’d be perfectly happy with a code only – I believe the CE for 2016 was the same – just a digital download code. Just really want the extra digital and physical goodies without paying for a console CE and a PC gold edition.




Thank you guys for making it happen :heart:

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Colectors edition content on pc

The only thing left to see is the price and availability now. It’s at a very good price on Steam(regional pricing) hope it costs the same


I’m really happy for everyone that wanted this and got it, but not for me personally.


I already bought the gold edition, fuck… At least I got it for only 60€.


Already got the Gold edition for a good deal (67euros), i am not sure if i would have bought the CE even if available in the first place, I’m not patient enough to wait for it to arrive :rofl:


This is fantastic news! As a U.S. gamer, I really hope we get a copy here! I don’t even have the option to order the Amazon UK version, and I imagine the WB deal with Gamestop for exclusivity likewise applies to a PC CE, but … if they’re gonna make one, please don’t leave dollars on the table! Make it available for U.S. fans as well!

And, even if you don’t, I’m glad to see IOI listening to fans and doing what they can to provide the engaging experiences, both in-game and out, that we crave! Thank you!

Hitman 2: Editions Discussion

Don’t forget to practice what you preach.
Just a heads up.


Happy for you PC guys that wanted a CE! :slight_smile:


I’ll be much happier if U.S. gamers can buy it too! But I’m hoping there’s just some lag on Gamestop updating their page. I’ll be keeping an eye out there and for any official announcements here.


Same to you m808 :kissing_heart:


Yeah! We’re so happy to officially announce that the Collectors Editon will be available for pc :smiley:

Have a great weekend :ok_woman:


I’ll keep you updated where they will be available when I get the finals :slight_smile:


Any plans to release the collector’s edition on Amazon in the U.S.?


You guys rock :slight_smile:

Question, I bought the gold edition on steam, is there a way to upgrade to the CE version on steam?


But how can we play HITMAN 2 four days early if the retailer delivers for the 13th ? I’ve never ordered an early access game in physical edition, so I’m wondering :thinking:


Typically not, but with the game as of yet unreleased, you should be able to refund the Gold pre-order and get the CE. I think? Don’t quote me on it!


Depends on who provides the CE – typically you’ll get a key sent to you via email before the physical delivery. Not always the case, depending on circumstance and service providers.


Refund the Gold edition. It should be possible.


Within a few hours of my request, my gold edition preorder was refunded, so there should be no problems in that regard.