IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


Great to see this is a thing. Thanks IOI / Warners for giving everyone the ability to enjoy Hitman 2 this way. I don’t usually go in for collector’s editions, but this looks pretty epic so I might pick it up. Nice to see the classic logo still getting some love.

The only thing that gives me pause is whether there’s actually a disc. If I’m reading it right, the Amazon page says “in box digital code,” so this might be Bethesda-style where they give you a classy case for a Steam key. I do think it somewhat defeats the purpose of buying physically if the game isn’t tangibly there in your hands, and you end up having to download tens of gigabytes instead of pop in and play.


THIS. Need a US CE release… imagine the reactions using that case to haul my 1911 out to the range! :smiley:
Seriously, IO, if you knew how many competitive shooters in the US enjoy your games… you could have a serious cash-cow if you licensed a line of Official Agent 47 Range Gear, bonus if you had a coordinated campaign between in-game and “Prop Replica” items. BONUS if you made a case big enough for my monster 17" Clevo laptop, better still if I could get an official 47 Hardside suitable for carrying my 10" AR pistol… absolute awesomesauce would be one that could take both discreetly, and with a handle stressed for that much weight. :smile:

Heck, if you sold the ties and bars from the last CE separately, I know a ton of guys who’d buy those too…

Please, IO?


@Diamondback – it does look like we’ll be getting a U.S. CE for PC, remains to be seen from where, though I imagine GameStop is the most likely candidate. And guessing at the look of it, I don’t know if it’ll carry your 17" Clevo or 10" AR, but it’ll probably fit your 1911!

Also, when tagging you I saw @DianaBurnwood is a user as well and that makes me happy.


Offtopic: LOL, that is funny re Diana… re the AR, it’s actually about 20" folded–my current “briefcase” (I have a Concealed Pistol License, and under the law here anything 16"-barrel or less meant to be fired with one hand is carry-eligible) is a converted and modified Red Rock Operations tac-bag.Basically, it’s an oddball Navy EOD version of the Mk 18 with a few special twists to make it legal, adapt it for Discreet Carry and refine it to fit my bad eyes, short arms and other special needs.

Do we have a “Shooting Bench” section somewhere for us who Fire The Real Ones? :slight_smile:


Not gonna lie, I’ve been checking, GameStop, and Amazon at least once a day the last week and a half, hoping to see them as soon as they’re available for the NA market!


Bump! Any update on US/North America CE, @Clemens_IOI?

Really looking forward to building a replica set of 47 Hardballers for my next Gunsmithing class and taking 'em out to the range in an appropriate case… BTW, is there any particular Dev who’d be better to ask about renders or screengrabs from the cutscenes and in-game artwork to use in researching this project? I’m going to be looking for references all the way from C47 all the way up to the current “reboot H2,” but the goal is something accurate enough to be worthy of a display case at IOI HQ…


Hey a couple things

Will it be available in a digital format? Since it has some exclusive digital content to it.

Also, will the Collectors Digital goodies be on a separate key, or it’s all included in one key? O ask because I already bought the gold edition so I’d like to purchase the collectors edition stuff from someone who doesn’t want them


Any updates for the U.S. ?


Aaaaaand the French Collector’s Edition is also avaiable to preorder.
Thanks for the effort guys :heart:

Hitman 2: Editions Discussion

Ahhh the French get their own ‘special’ collectors edition do they :smirk::wink:


@Clemens_IOI Hello, How are you?

I wanted to ask if you are ever going to put in the game the pistol from the wallpapers or it will end up like season 1 just showing it in the wallpapers and challenges?
Because it’s a very beautiful gun there.


Interesting, the top two versions have angled cocking serrations where most of 47’s over the years have been vertical like the bottom.


Hold your horses. This might end up like the Blackballer, you just see it but never use it.
That pistol should be a Colt Gold Cup


Still itching for the pre-orders to go up for NA, or for @Clemens_IOI or @Travis_IOI or someone to confirm that it’s happening for us, too!



only CE owners are able to obtain those things?

won’t we get them as gold edition owners?


Silver+Gold get the case and “Blackballer”.
CE gets the suit and ducker additionally.


i can understand suits or re-skinned anything.

but ducker shouldn’t be special for ce owners. that’s not fair while someone is not able to buy in an unshippable country.


It is generally not fair items that have unique abilities are not included in the basic edition. But I keep my uproar down until we know which items are in S2. Also we might be able to buy it later like it was the case with the Requiem Pack.


I think I see a fleur de lis on the briefcase


that’s because you do!

@badeaguard rejoice :smiley: