IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!



It does have it but not as cool as it used to be.


At least it’s there



Dunno I like that more than the old ones. Looks more modern.


it looks way classier now. it’s not planted right in the middle of the briefcase :stuck_out_tongue:


From one point of view. At least it has the logo

From another point of view. It’s the ICA19 with a new set of grips and the logo in stead of the barcode.

Briefcase is way too small to fit a sniper inside. Especially the Siege 300 that is one piece and not detachable.
That sniper is a nockoff of the W2000 which is 90 cm long.

I fear again there will not be the original Silverballer. But if they release it as DLC I will be happy to buy.


i mean, there’s a sniper briefcase as well, which i guess will substitute for no assembling animation in the regular briefcase. maybe they just wanted to show the default case in the E3 demo? idk


I guess. I’m sure there will be no assembling animation but just 47’s arm that goes up and down to open/close the case lid and just pick up the sniper already loaded and scope mounted.


probably, but hopefully they’ve heard our cries about it. maybe they can fix something up in time for release, i can hope.


I really wish for old DLC weapons. I will gladly pay them. I remember other games like Tomb Riader had rifles and guns for sale at 1.33€.
Wouldn’t mind some with this game.


OMG, that‘s awesome!

Where can I pre order in Germany?


So far the only active pre-orders are available on the main site, which as of right now still isn’t updated for NA PC customers either =’(


Hey all. Unfortunately, the CE for PC won’t be available in North America. It will though be available in the countries shown on :slight_smile:

Have a great day.


You have broken my heart Clemens.


argh I’m sorry mate :confused:


No worries. I’ll be buying CE for Xbox. <3


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh the PAIN.
I remember a time when there wasn’t gonna be a PC CE at all, and then … then came hope! HOPE, I say. Now… now this?
So, if I’m an NA fan of the franchise, my ONLY option for a CE is to buy a console edition and the PC edition, have a mismatch of content, and …

Man. Any chance of this changing, or is the final absolute word?


Import it?



Is there a limited amount of Collector’s Edition packs for sale?


Not really an option short of having someone in UK buy it and then sell it to me, and then I’m also running the risk of a region locked Steam activation (which I don’t know if @Clemens_IOI or anyone else could confirm)
If they’re not region locked, I would honestly consider paying a distant relative in the UK to buy it and ship it… but they’re also a bit of a hippy (in a good way) that might not be terribly keen on purchasing a game dedicated to contract killing…

But it comes down to whether or not the activation codes for Steam are region specific. If not, sure. If so… yeah, NA people are just left out in the cold.


Score one lost sale, then… :frowning: And if you’re not going to stand behind your North American customers maybe I should rethink my continued customer relationship as a whole.

#CEOrNothing #GeeThanks