IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


I’m not familiar with Amazon’s policies, but can’t you just buy CE from Amazon UK and have it shipped to the US?


You cannot for this item.


For someone who has like everyone of us no idea what the reasons behind the few available PC CE locations are, you are quite sure who to point your finger on.


I’m gonna second Urben on this one – if anyone is to blame (and who knows, honestly) I’d probably lean more towards Gamestop; I imagine they’re also the reason Amazon isn’t allowed to ship that item to the U.S., but I am only guessing.

I’d argue IOI stands behind their PC customers and their NA customers a lot, but not everything is under their control (thankfully! I want them to focus on making great games, and not introduce a ton of overhead on extra stuff)

Don’t get me wrong. I want a PC CE for North America. I started this topic, and started the rallying cries in other threads. I was literally jubilant when it was announced a PC CE was happening at all. I’m a bit crushed it (might not? Banking some extra hope here) might not make it to NA, or more particularly, the spot I have for it right next to 2016’s CE, but…

I mean, they’re people, and I doubt they’re going “Haha, screw those North Americans and their money!”
Pretty sure it’s not a matter of them not caring about us, and more likely about contractual obligations or other things, that we may OR MAY NOT ever have disclosed to us.

Just my two cents. I do absolutely understand your @Diamondback – like I said, leading the charge on a PC CE only to find out I can’t even buy it when it finally is happening… it sucks. A lot. But, hey, have a bit of hope, try to stay positive, and maybe things can shift?

Remember, there originally was no PC CE, and it was through positive engagement that we got that to happen.


not standing behind NA customers? did you forget they literally made PC CE possible due to high demand at the last minute? did you forget it’s available in NA (just on consoles, but still)?


That’s a shame… Does it say the item can’t be delivered to the US? I haven’t gotten around to complete the purchase yet but it tells me the item can be delivered to Romania, even though it’s not on the list of countries from the official website.


Sadly it does specify.


Didn’t say NA PC CE had to drop on Launch Day with everybody else’s… if it takes a delay to work things out with the dimbulbs at Warner and Gamestop fine, if it means waiting until Game of the Year/Definitive/“Great Sales Numbers” edition fine. If it means bypassing the idiots in California completely and offering a no-game discounted case as “IO Direct Hitman Merch,” call it a “Collector Edition Upgrade Kit” where WB/GS have nothing to say about non-software product, that works too.

Figure out something where we can get the physical goodies without having to buy two complete copies of the game and we’ll talk. ‘Til then, I’m gonna be off chillin’ with the boys at Id. You decide you want my money, you know how to get a hold of me… I mean, you’re creative people. I’m sure if you want to enough, you can find a way. But you’re NOT ripping me off for TWO FULL COPIES, one of which is completely unusable, just to get the CE goodies!


Good clarity on your stance, and I like the idea of the “Collectors Edition Upgrade Kit” or something similar. I really do want the physical +and+ digital goodies, so I’m right there with you. And that’s a smart way of possibly bypassing whatever contractual obligations are (presumably) causing the block in the first place.

Re: chilling with the boys at Id – My Hitman 2016 CE sits nicely near my Doom 2016 CE. Though I’d probably have to hand it to the Revenant if it came down to a fight between it and 47, Chessmaster or not!


I’ll just add one little bit of wisdom before I make my exile official, the philosophy that the world’s largest retailer was originally built on.

“There is only one boss: The Customer, and he can fire everyone in this company from the CEO down by simply choosing to spend his dollar somewhere else.”
–Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart
(As this decision has now driven me to do… hmm, that $200 model Super Star Destroyer from Fantasy Flight’s looking mighty tempting to divert my Hitman CE Fund money into… or maybe I’ll buy copies of DOOM Eternal for my entire fraternity since our 15-year reunion’s coming up soon.)

@twobitmatt I bet 47 could Checkmate the Revenant, under the right conditions… like avoiding CQB and getting an ambush from range, or luring into a trap.


When I saw this, back when they originally confirmed for UK, this was (and still is) the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen on Amazon.
Redtext doesn’t help.


:frowning: I was still holding out hope after the UK got it, but I suppose I should give up on that one, now.

I’ve never bought or really even wanted to buy a Collectors Edition of a game before, so this is disappointing.

Does anyone know what caused this / how likely it is to continue happening to the series in the future?


I’m a Brit who’s ordered the PC version of the Custom Edition, and I feel for you guys in countries where that isn’t available to order. That sucks, and I hope that the powers that be find some way for you to order this, because it’s not fair that people should miss out in a territory that’s already selling the same product on a different platform. :disappointed:


There can be alot of reasons. Retailers might make some rules so WarnerBros gets better prices. Maybe the production is not high enough to produce PC CE, after all it was not planned to exist.


And like I said, there’s ways around Warner’s BS, if the motivation is there. If IO wanted to make this happen, they’d find a way, the Upgrade Kit previously suggested being just one possibility and I’m sure there are others.

They may be gun-shy because the last CE got deep-discounted at Square Enix, and this one costs HALF AGAIN as much, but… having to pay TWICE for the same game just to get the briefcase? That’s

Some “thank you” for being a loyal customer, standing behind IO throught the shafting by Square Enix and everything… snort

Bye, fellas, it’s been fun. Call me when you decide you want to do business again and have a briefcase for me.


It’s just a skin, lol.


Not the physical CE case… you think we’d be this bent out of shape over PIXELS? Star Citizen cultists maybe, but those guys are crazy…

I hope you guys choke, financially speaking, on unsold Console CE’s.


What about those that don’t want the CE?


And by the way, what’s the point of the CE argument anyway?


What about you? There are plenty of other threads for you to play in. THIS one was for us who DID want a PC Collector’s Edition with physical swag, particularly wanting the physical loot, without getting the Buy-Two Bend-Over-And-Buttrape.

Think I’m gonna ditch 47’s irons as my 1911 Gunsmithing class-project, and go back to the pair of custom Longslides I penciled out in college instead.