IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


But you’re taking this way too serious.


WB bought (in some way) IO to make it able to exist and to do the marketing jobs IO cannot to. I really doubt IO can make WB do what they want, it is actually the other way around. And compared to the time under Square Enix I am sure WB is the better one for this relationship. Because it seems WB is not stressing them as much as SE did. Sure these editions are dumb. It did not need the Silver edition, it did need a global PC CE.

If this is enough for you to abandon the franchise, I am sure you should do that step. In no universe ever it would be able to come close to your expectations.

Btw if it is too much for you to pay the game twice to get all stuff: Maybe the contract WB got at the retailers is so good, the CE would actually cost twice the game if WB tossed that contract in favor for a global PC CE.


Please WB bring back the original Silverballer and the Blackballer from the beta. Please


Fair point! Especially a trap. And he does his research, so he’d likely find the appropriate sigils or runes to be very effective.

Pretty much the same as any tchotchke. People like collecting stuff. There’s also the digital content, though for myself, I’m much more leaning on the physical items. And for your previous post, if you don’t want the CE – there’s plenty of options for you, pre-order wise and other. The game is very much available in NA, just not the PC CE.

Realistically, this is quite possible. I worked in private industry (incl. retail) before going gov’t, and those kinds of contracts, especially exclusive to retailers, can be very pricey. So if Gamestop said “Yeah, we’re not gonna do a PC CE without six months of pre-order potential”, but they have exclusivity, it might be prohibitively expensive for IOI / WB to make that happen anywhere else.
Though I’ll say that @Diamondback brought up several potential “workarounds” for that, legally.

I don’t mean to be a spoilsport, as I have seen your passion on this subject, but maybe keep it to the related thread(s) you already have on this? I’m hoping to keep some degree of organization here, in case anyone on high decides to review the subject later.


They already did review it, you got your reply from them.


Bet on every time–Warner seems to have a consistent pattern of “No CE’s in US,” going back to when they started distributing the LEGO games which usually had exclusive pre-order mini-sets. “Nope, you American PC second-class customers can only get this title on Steam, No Goodies For You!”


Right. A reply of “no PC CE”, then a PC CE. In the PC CE and Editions threads, which are on those subjects.
And if all you had to reply with was a one off about what did and didn’t get replied to, there’s still unanswered questions that could possibly be answered / or inspiration taken from the devs, thus the continuation of the thread.
All I said (amongst other things) was to maybe keep your crusade in your own thread(s)? Was I impolite in mentioning that?
Perhaps I’m guilty of what I dislike in forums, reading too much intent into your words, it just seemed… particularly short and dismissive of a reply?

Anywho, not to distract from the very topic I’m trying to defend from continuing … maybe IOI could work out some sorta standalone with GS / Thinkgeek in NA, similar to how Thinkgeek operates the Bethesda storefronts for merch / carries it in their stores? To loop back to the earlier conversation of the “collector’s edition upgrade” standalone or something.


There will be for sure other merchandiser to buy. Usually Musterbrand does it all for them since Absolution.


Well, there’s probably some cool other stuff I could buy with the money I had saved up, anyway.
I guess I’m glad they gave an official statement either way.


I think Musterbrand might be because of Squenix, as they also carried Deus Ex stuff, but you’re right, that’s a possibility. I suppose we’ll hear more closer to release.

Also, to be perfectly clear and re-iterative, GJ IOI for doing a PC CE at all when that wasn’t originally in the cards for anyone! Cheers!


I had the same tough that with the split from Square Enix this might not be the case any more.
There was some other brand that made a cup and 47 statue.

Blood Money era was awesome. They had 2 action figures from Hot toys and another cool looking statue.


Yeah, REAL good job, adding one while tossing an F-U to the people who advocated for it. At the very least they coulda just said “we’re looking into options, not yet but maybe later.”

@Phoenix Yeah, like I said I think the money that IO obviously doesn’t want is gonna go into either that huge-arse Executor for my Star Destroyer collection or “getting the band back together” and buying the new Doom for my entire fraternity. Or maybe I’ll divert it into the “Girlfriend’s Rifle Fund.” Point is, if my money’s not wanted here, there are plenty of other places where it is…


Gaya Entertainment did all the Hitman 2016 Merch, mug, statue, tie, keyrings and t shirts


Obviously you’ve never been a collector of anything to appreciate tangible objects, maybe if you were you’d understand.

And if you’d read upthread you’d have noticed that I never said anything about the rubber duck (which I frankly think is stupid, but now that IO’s made it part of the game it is what it is), but that I had a very specific purpose in mind for the case, related to a class I’m going to be taking.

Whatever, troll. Why don’t you “I Got Mine So Screw You’s” go pee in some other punchbowl instead of rubbing us who actually CARED about this’s noses in our anguish?


I have no problem in purchasing this in the UK for you and posting it out to NA if that’s the only alternative (obviously you’d have to pay game and postage costs, and youd have to check the game isn’t region restricted), I know how frustrating it is when your want a certain edition of a game and its only released in certain countries.

Just a good will gesture, if its your last resort mate


Is it possible to post?

I assumed it wasn’t because otherwise I really don’t understand why Amazon won’t ship it here.
If it is, I have some friends visiting America soon that I could totally ask! (I do have to check on that country lock, of course.)


I’m sure you can, I’ve had allsorts of parcels shipped across from the states so I don’t see why not. Amazon probably don’t do it because they’d assume people wouldn’t pay the high cost.

Theres always a way man trust me!

Also I’d imagine closer to the time these CE’s will end up on eBay?


I’m a little too paranoid to use eBay (I know, I know) but if that’s not an issue then yeah!

I’ve only been overseas twice in my life, both times to the same place (Japan) and I know there’s stuff you just absolutely can’t take to/from there and I didn’t know if there’s like something in the box that you can’t get out the UK?
I dunno!

Well, I’m going to ping some of my friends. Thanks for the heads up!


It would probably have to go in hold luggage, I wouldn’t advise trying to get it in the cabin due to the bullet keyring lol


I’m not “trolling” and I’m not interested in purchasing the CE. What is ridiculous is that you seem to blame everyone, from IO to WB, as if that is a personal attack, and not just a business decision, threatening to buy some sort of spaceship instead, when the reality is that, apparently, US gamers don’t buy CEs for pc versions. As if a European gamedeveloper, which just nearly avoided bankruptcy is somehow obligated to send CEs to US where it’s destined to underperform. Hilarious.