IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


I once somehow managed to get my lockpicks through. Nearly crapped my pants when I realised they were there. #Whoops. Though, I can never remember lockpick laws by state or country. In my state, they’re fine as long as you don’t have a bump key. In some they’re flat out illegal…

Anyway, haha, this is tangential so I’ll stop.

I really hope that American PC gamers can get our hands on the next CE, but honestly unless they do another briefcase I probably won’t care as much.


Haha risky business this flying isn’t it!

Really feel for you bro, but if youre struggling reach out to me and ill see what I can do this end


Only thing I’ll take umbrage on is this, as its certainly not the case in general, nor a given reason in this particular circumstance; we don’t know the reasoning for the NA market not getting the PC CE, and I sincerely doubt sale #s are the case, given more probable reasoning like the aforementioned exclusivity agreements. With my aforementioned experience supporting retails business(es) I can definitely say that CEs, PC or no, sell like hotcakes in the U.S. Honestly generally PC sells faster – as I’d said above, we tend to skew older (at least Stateside) and thus more gainfully employed / disposable income. Typically.
But who knows! You could be right. We’d have to hear back from IOI on that, though I really hope to find out about…

Hey, that’s one of the questions I have for @Clemens_IOI if / when he can get a chance to reply; I’d be willing to work something out with a middle person in the UK for one; assuming it isn’t region locked, do you know any estimate on the total cost (Game + Shipping + Appreciation Fee) would be for us? I’d absolutely consider it – there’s a reason I started this thread in the first place, after all!

Hitman 3 (2020) PC Collector’s Edition, Featuring Agent 47 Statue with sign “Phoenix is da best”.
Only sold in Transnistria.


LOL This person knows me too well. Gotta watch my opsec; are you a spy‽

I’m kind of surprised to hear the line about PC gamers not buying CEs. I’ve only ever heard it with respect to this game (though this game is the only game I’ve ever liked this much since graduating college and having a job / disposable income, as you mentioned above. So, it’s possible I’ve only heard it now because I only started looking now.) and I’m wondering how accurate it is and/or why that is the case.

Sure, I dislike discs, but that’s because they’re so very breakable; I had to buy Final Fantasy VII (well, my mom did) about 5 times when I was a child. I now have exactly one of each disc from 3 different sets remaining. However, stuff that won’t cause me to have to buy a new game if I break it, say a case or a rubber ducky, I’m totally willing to pay for that. I can’t imagine why platform preference would correlate so strongly with collecting. I also feel that most people who play Hitman are the type to be into collecting.

Exclusivity, while disappointing, makes sense. I do feel terrible that it had to happen, but I also recognise how recent events might have led to such a thing. I think I’m just disappointed that this happened with the only game I’ve wanted a CE of so far.


No spy. Writer, researcher, IT person, occasional gentleman scientist. What limited gov’t contracting I did that required clearance was all physics simulations and coding, nothing super cool, unless you think fluid dynamics is neato.

Like I said, I’ve supported multiple retailers over the years, and PC CEs in the US sell fast. They’re highly desirable, generally of limited quantity (though not always! Tricksy hobbitses…) , and the target market has the money to get them. I’ve probably got two dozen CEs right now, at least, and I consider myself on the “more particular” level of that totem pole. Some folks I know will buy any CE for anything. There’s a lot of games that I’ll skip the CE and just pick up the title itself on a Steam sale or something similar. But as I’d gone into originally, Hitman 2016’s CE has a special place in my heart, and I love the style of the Hitman 2 CE.

Agreed about discs being breakable, though these days you’re almost always looking at just a digital code for Steam.
You know what we really should bring back?
The 3.5" floppy.

Hitman 4 (2022) PC Collector’s “Retro” Edition, Featuring 72,411 Floppy Disks!

Which I think would work out to approximately 1,230kg? You wanna talk about shipping costs…


Fluid dynamics is cool, but I’m pretty sure a spy would say they weren’t one. The catch-22 is that I can never not think you’re a spy, now. Oh well.

It’s true I never broke a floppy, but unless 47 is about to go free skiing, I think I’d pass.

I’m still trying to figure out if the game would be redeemable. From what I’ve gotten so far, I might be able to get the base working but then if they released any DLC, I might not be able to purchase it from America?


Well, maybe a spy, confronted in web forums, would say they WERE a spy, because you’d disbelieve that. Or maybe they’d say that they would say that because then you would believe THAT.

If anyone could take down the Free Ski Yeti, it’d be 47. Or the Doom Guy. Or BJ Blazkowicz. Or the long piece in Tetris. (Sorry, thinking about my Shrine of Childhood Nerdiness)

Yeah, all the region stuff is REALLY finicky. That’s the next thing I’m hoping we can get some guidance on.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve actually never ruined my opsec by telling anyone what my job is since anyone who doesn’t know me won’t actually believe it.

Oh man, now I kind of want gameplay of 47 killing the Free Ski Yeti. Hmmmmmmm.

It would be nice to get official word but I can only imagine the standard response to be something like ‘purchase the UK version at your own peril’. Though, I suppose in general IOI has been much more responsive and informative than many of the game companies I follow, so I’ll keep up the faith.


@Jamy47 The thought is very much appreciated–I’ve actually been on the exporting side of the coin a lot on certain collectibles that aren’t being offered outside the USA in another fandom. (I’ve shipped several thousand dollars in US-exclusive Jurassic Park/Jurassic World figures to European friends over the past four months… some have joked that I should change the motto on my business card to “Singlehandedly supplying the world with plastic dinosaurs, one shipment at a time.”) The part that sucks is that such “secondary marketing”… well, we in the community shouldn’t HAVE to remedy our suppliers’ mistakes like this.

@vrubayka If you’re not a troll and you don’t care about buying CE’s, then what are you doing crapping the thread like you are one? Why are you here other than to pee in would-be CE buyers’ cornflakes?


Of course, then it’d have to include a Floppy Disk Drive, and a manual on how to USE floppy discs… LOL

And if you REALLY want Wayback Machine, the original floppies were about 8", the size of a vinyl LP record, with a capacity measured in KILOBYTES… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, look at how much people have spent on physical CE’s for Star Citizen sometime, even knowing that that game is gonna be vaporware for YEARS.


Nope, now we’re gonna go way, way back, and represent all the data via smoke signals.
If we go with smoke = 1 and absence of smoke = 0, and go off my initial approximation of install data, we’re looking at 850,403,524,608 signals; assuming you can generate one signal (or lack thereof) every five seconds, that’s 12 signals per minute, so 720 signals per hour, thus 17,280 per day.
That means we’d have 49,213,166.93333333 days of signalling to full represent the game data.
That’s only 134,830.5943378995 years!
I think that’s right, ish?

Yeah, looks like Steam might be faster than Smoke.


Aaaaaaaaaand now I’m officially curious!

Also, I’m pretty sure the Yeti could be a definitive Elusive Target… I mean, think about it. He’s a yeti. It’s his nature to be elusive! (Or her nature, to be fair to the unknown gender dynamics of a hypothetical cryptid species)

IOI is a lot more responsive, so I’m hoping we can hear more – there’s also the chance that they might read these forums and go “Man, those Americans really wanna buy this stuff… well, we can’t break the GS contract BUT we can totally sell them the case and DLC at a markup!”… which, while not really ideal is at least a workable solution.

Keep the hope alive! At least, until…

He’s not a fan of hope, old or new…


And wouldn’t it totally be a “Within Letter of Contract” flipoff to the WB (which is NOT IO’s owner, just the publisher–essentially, IO “manufactures” a product then WB wholesales it to the retailers we buy from) and GS gamesmanship to do a CE Upgrade Kit that only requires the end-customer to buy the PC Base Edition and then unlocks all the Silver, Gold and CE bonus content?

Maybe sell the CEUK for a bit less than the regular Consoletard CE, since you still have to buy your own game to put into the case… like say a “75% of Gold Edition’s cost” discount.


Life is a conundrum of esoterica.

Oh my god, if the Yeti was an Elusive Target, I would actually attempt it.

Also, I’ve just gotten a passive aggressive notification telling me that I’ve responded to you too many times, and “Have you considered replying to other people in the discussion, too?”
Gasp I feel really called out, now. Sheesh.

I dunno if I want to put that on them, it hasn’t been my experience that angering clients / business partners is a good decision. Always want to leave your partners wishing they were still working with you. I’m just hoping they can renegotiate or convince WB that losing out on that sweet PC gamer $$$ isn’t worth it.


True, but sometimes you have to call out BS even from your closest friends. Warner had their chance to get PC-gamer money, so that would be about the most viable way to tell them “you’re missing out on an opportunity, and if WE don’t do it others WILL find a way…”

I don’t mean flip the partners off, I just mean call the Fouls when they commit 'em.


Though not always a Series of Unfortunate Events:wink:
I imagine 47 would be able to kill the Yeti, it’s finding the thing that would be an issue.
And ha, it’s kinda hilarious that it watches those degrees of interaction. I enjoy the conversation!

Yay, same page-age.
At this point, I’m just curious for any info. Though I saw in some other threads that the product manager for WBIE is semi-responsive on social media – might pursue that avenue when I’m not at the office.


This makes me wish even more that we knew the reason they gave. It’s difficult to argue with an unknown, regardless of its truth value.

Yeti only shows up after you’ve been in the level for 20 minutes and it teleport like Santa. 10/10.
I’ve just realised I need this as an escalation so I can keep killing it.

Ah, nice.


This. So much THIS.

Someone really doesn’t like Santa! =p

I gotta find the other thread I saw his response in and note his usernames (later) but yeah maybe we can get more information through that avenue?


Santa is the greatest.
But that Yeti can have 100% of my bullets. My childhood rage knows no limits. If they can have Mario and Luigi, I can only hope they can have that yeti.

Well, at least there’s a plan. I really hope it’s doable, because I can’t find anyone in my friend’s list even willing to buy the PS4 game from me if I got the CE (either they already have it, or they aren’t getting it,) so that I could use that to purchase the PC game, sigh.


What’s up with this sudden derailing? Wasn’t there a reply by the creator of the thread about keeping it to the point?