IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


Because (at least, from my perspective) it seems like WB is the best next step, unless you have a better one that we aren’t thinking of, which I’d totally love to hear.


That was me! And so long as posts are at least partially on topic I’m generally okay with it. I was more just asking that other existent topics not leap into this one; most of the posts above have at least a section of “Well, where can we go from here?”


I won’t charge anything for doing it man, just glad to help out a fellow fan, the CE for PC on Amazon is £119.99 and I’ll get a quote for the postage tomorrow and let you know :+1:t2:.

@Diamondback that’s the thing when you get avid collectors who’ll stop at nothing to add to there collection lol, I’m sure there’s a business in it somewhere along the line :joy: Jurassic Park ? Expensive stuff?


Well, I’m not going to commit right now until we hear more about region locking and the like, but I appreciate it.
And to your point to @Diamondback, there’s a business in it somewhere along the line – when you charge something for doing it! Seriously, for just the time and effort, I would throw something your way. I know, I know, tipping isn’t really a thing in a lot of other parts of the world, but hey, despite my travels I was born here, I feel like a little monetary contribution in thanks is almost always in order.


No problem at all man, won’t take me 2 mins to get a postage quote online so I’ll let you know then it’s entirely up to you :+1:t2:


Jamie, some bonehead at Mattel decided they weren’t going to ship the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary sub-line (google “Jurassic World Legacy Collection”) other than Target US, Toys R Us Canada (and that so late they might as well have not bothered) and Smyths UK. Over here shelf prices range from $8 for the basic people (but good LUCK finding them, especially Ellie!) up to $25 for a 2’ long Spinosaurus that Smyths got first and everybody over here’s salty cuz Target isn’t getting 'em to shelf fast enough. (I got mine in Target’s first shipment, and five for my friends–oh, the butthurt over that was Old Testament BIBLICAL. If you’re a JP Geek, send me a direct message and I’ll link you to a forum that might be worth checking out.) One of them tells me that even with import duties, her money’s going farther having me buy here and ship, even at $80 shipping per box to the Netherlands, than it would buying things at NL retailers. How just Totally Messed Up is THAT? Also, would you please let me know what shipping would be like to the West Coast by PM? I’ll need to punch up my usual Currency Converter to figure out exchange rates, but if some smacktard didn’t Region Lock these things I might be interested in taking you upas a much-appreciated Plan B depending on how things shake out both with IOI and my budget. (The girlfriend’s getting serious about going forward with her build, and since she specifically wants a Canadian C8* and parts for those are hard to get in the US…) And I’m with Matt about throwing in a little gratuity in appreciation… which is the entire point of “tips,” they’re not SUPPOSED to be something expected but just an on-the-spot recognition of Above & Beyond service that got corrupted somewhere along the way.
*C8 = Canadian version of an M4, with a few unique twists… she’s a Canuck, so we figured that’d be a bit more “personal” than just his-and-hers M4geries

For the record, I do get about 10% on top of shelf prices, but that’s also including packaging, inspection to cherry-pick the best pieces possible and what QC/function testing is possible without unpacking–the State of Washington (sales tax) and USPS both make more off these deals than I do! :slight_smile: (Quoth one Target stocker, “you’re a p***-poor businessman but a good friend–I’d have asked 15% at least, even for friends.”)


Love the films mate, but to be honest never even seen any collectible items for the movies, I can’t say I’ve looked, more of a video game merchandise collector if I’m honest :+1:t2: No problem at all, I’ll check the prices and let you know at some point over the weekend which state are you?

I’ve just googled Canadian C8 and I had no idea you were referring to a gun :joy: presumably that’s what it is?

10% is a good rate, sounds like your just too much of an all round nice guy rather than making money out of people, which is always good my friend :+1:t2:

And your point about the tips, haha I’ve been to Vegas and New York over the last couple of years So I know exactly what you mean, they love a tip in the US! And thanks man appreciated


Washington State, Seattle area specifically. I’m not going to give any more beyond that in the clear, but 98108 is the ZIP for a museum I’ve generously supported over the years including their acquisition of a retired Air Force One 707. :slight_smile: Re JP, we’re mostly talking the action figures and their related toy dinos and vehicles–you should see some of the Epic Meltdowns over these things in 4Chan Toys’ “Jurassic General” threads. (A place too toxic for me… I tried to point out some bad data they inserted into a list that I compiled, and they went full B*tchy Little Girl on me over it.)

The C8 is basically the Canadian Forces’ standard service carbine–it’s what they issue where us Americans use the M4, and the guys who guard your nukes bought a version of the C8 too. Slightly longer barrel so I don’t have to fight with either pistolizing it or a $200 special tax and a year-long colonoscopy of a background check–kinda stupid that a short rifle requires all that but as long as I don’t put a stock on I can build the exact same thing as a pistol at-will, but I only dance to the tune not call it… The GF wants to learn to shoot and start joining me in matches–I think she has ideas about betting various kinds of naughty fun on scores. :wink: (Word of caution, guys, having a cougar by the tail can be fun, but expect to be worn out and wearing claw marks a lot of the time… LOL)

Part of the thing on tips is, they became so common they’ve become counted as “regular taxable income” and restaurant servers get charged income tax on 10% of their sales whether tipped or not, and tips are also counted against minimum-wage requirements. Like I said, a “gift” got turned into an expectation and now a presumed entitlement… turning the foodservice industry into commissioned salespeople like used-car salesmen, ugh.


No worries man, Ive managed to formulate a quote with just the state, ive PM’d you! Ahh cool man!

Not clued up on my gun laws in the states, but from the way your talking its fully legal to own an automatic rifle? or are we talking airsoft lol? (when you refer to matches)

You’re a toyboy then aye!! not bad man haha

Wow, its nothing like that over here where tips are concerned, not expected like the states and other places, must be good if you work over there though, as it boosts your income, we always tipped when we are over there


It’s complicated–true select-fire has to have been made and registered under NFA before May 1986 when they closed the Machine Gun Registry, but we’re talking live firearms. Even then, you have both Federal and State law to deal with… What I deal with are “Title I” unrestricted lookalikes that don’t have NFA features. (Things like deleting suppressors, longer barrels to get above 16" barrel or 26" overall length requirements, pistol braces instead of rifle stocks, semi-only trigger packs…) Thanks to a former career in Executive Protection, I’ve maintained carry creds and had to have a 1911 (same design as 47’s Hardballers, just his is a match-grade target version while mine is more of a “Combat/LE Duty” setup) strapped to my side like a three-pound steel kidneystone for almost my entire adult life–it’s a pain in the arse, but it’s been worth it because even though she’s no longer part of my life there’s a young lady out there who probably would no longer be among the living if I hadn’t been there to stand between her and a stalker in her time of need.

You’e gonna laugh… as a kid I had a near-complete collection of the original Kenner JP toys–most of my childhood was lost in a catastrophic nervous breakdown that brought nasty amnesia, then the collection was ripped off in-toto in a B&E several years ago–it’s not so much “toy junkie” as “trying to fill the hole that amnesia and subhuman thieving vermin tore in me.”

Depends, really… I’ve never done that kind of work, I’m a freelance researcher and historian by trade, right now much of my hours being logged for a little game publisher in Italy. (WWII Air War specialist, working the Napoleonic Wars at sea… go figure!)


Sounds dangerous man! although intriguingly interesting too. I know the American gun laws cause a lot of controversy don’t they.

Ha, I’m not surprised man the films were brilliant, a lot bigger in the states it sounds as over here.

You’re joking man! sounds amazing, not your standard 9-5 job then!


So I’m going to try to reach out to Mike Bell ( ) as well as tagging @Clemens_IOI one more time, and try to see if we can get clarity on a few of the nibbling curiosities we have.

  • Is there any chance of a NA PC CE release? We know right now the answer is a firm no, but, is this an absolute, or might we see a shifting in the winds as we did with there being any PC CE at all?
  • If there is absolutely no chance, are there perhaps any plans to offer the CE content separately? Physical and / or digital?
  • Is the game region locked, i.e., could a middle-person buy the PC CE in, say, the U.K., and we buy it from them and activate the game? Would we be able to continue acquiring DLC and the like without issue afterwards?

Any other thoughts, questions, concerns to mention?


Let us know when you pull the trigger! I know @Clemens_IOI has been around to see your tag…


I imagine it’ll be after gamescom that we’ll get responses, as sad as I am about the waiting part.
At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself instead of ‘they don’t know yet’.


@Phoenix Or just plain “they don’t give a crap and are tossing a Curly Bill…”

We’ll just have to wait and see… When’s Gamescom? Either way, another week or two and we’ll have a pretty clear idea where we stand, even if it’s just the Cold Shoulder.


Hmm that video didn’t tell me what a curly ball is and now I have to use google.

It’s this week/end.


William “Curly Bill” Brocius, Old West outlaw. “Well… Bye!” is from something he told the Earps during the war in Tombstone.

Best explanation at


I don’t know why I read ball instead of bill, but thank you for that clarification.

I hope they’re having fun, I wish I had time off and/or gamescom was in America.


gamescom is tomorrow :^)))


Isn’t it 5 days long?