IOI & Warner: Make a PC CE, Please!


Will do! Sorry, work has been INSANE lately.

Likely so, and Mike also said he was Out of Office, so I imagine now would likely be bad timing…

“I’m your Huckleberry…”


“Poor soul, he was just too high strung.”

So make it two to three weeks. Gamescom this week, next week to get back to the office and settled back to the daily grind, a week after to respond…


Yup. I’ve never come back from a con able to take anything seriously, and I don’t even drink!


So let’s say if we haven’t heard anything by Sept 7, at that point we’ve gotten all the response we’re gonna get.


Possibly; perhaps I’m more an optimist than most (I don’t think so*, but I digress) but we didn’t hear much before the sudden “Aaaaaaaaaaaand there’s gonna be a PC CE after all!” so, super slow / delayed response doesn’t mean none … but we shall see…

*The glass, in my mind, is not half full, nor is it half empty. The glass is at 50%.
If one were to try to evaluate a state of fullness or emptiness, I would then refer to it’s previous state. If it was previously empty, and liquid added, we are in a state of addition, and the glass is half full. If it was previously full, and half of it has been removed, we are in a state of removal, and in that condition it is half empty.


LOL Spoken like a true fluid engineer… my own background in Executive Protection kinda forced me into a “hope for the best, prepare for the worst and be ready for anything in between” mindset early.


Oh sorry if I misrepresented, not a fluid engineer, just updated code that relied on it back in the day (DARPA / DREN internship); I’m a jack of all trades, but these days I work primarily in Information Technology =)

Which, IT very much lives by the same phrase – I tend to say “Hope for a great day, prepare for the worst day, and you’ll get something in between.”

Like today when I found out one of the labs I support apparently has an issue with the carpet and we had to pull the entire lab out and relocate it while they tear up the carpet and replace it… sigh


LOL You guys’ jobs sound much more positive than mine, I just realised another sad thing today, sigh.

I’ve been enjoying the pics that Forthe is posting, at least. I know it’s not a real update, but it makes me happy. Also makes me sad I missed a conference I really wanted to attend a few weeks ago.


WCS, back when I worked a detail, meant having to be prepared to literally look somebody in the eye, tell them “if you do this I’m dead but so are you,” and if need be have the skill to take them down with you before they could get to your Principal. (The retired Secret Service guys who mentored me called it “Catching The Bullet.”)

Now consider that I’m nothing special physically–I look like you took Wayne Knight from his Seinfeld/Jurassic Park days, hacked out about a hundred pounds of fat, traded a little more fat for putting on some muscle, and then stuffed him into Ray-Bans and an MIB Suit, and I’m three inches too short to go into LE despite a number of cops I know saying “you’d do to ride shotgun with,” and that tells you how much I had to rely on pure attitude and letting the suit and the hardware do the talking for me. (Around my area, particularly among the criminal/vermin element, there’s a general belief that “a 9mm is nothing special but a dude who packs a .45 Means Business.”)


When I was a bouncer back in college, there was a similar sentiment – we’d have the big dude at the front of the place, while I was on the sides near the stage or bar. Big guy out front was to make people think twice about being jackasses. I was there for when people WERE jackasses. Six foot nothin’, a buck seventy five with low body fat, but pretty svelte (I prefer that to “skinny”) , and attentive as all hell – didn’t matter if it was a lady putting her drink on the stage for the third time or a guy getting loud and aggressive with his girlfriend, I’d cross the floor weaving through the crowd, and handle business.
That was an interesting, kinda fun job, for less than great pay and people. But it was fun while it lasted.

@Clemens_IOI, now that Gamescom has wound down, any chance for some feedback on our queries here, sir?


Hey, thanks for your questions! :slight_smile:

To be honest, the NA PC CE will not be a thing, so if there are any changes it will be a pleasant surprise to us all. Also, there’s no plan for selling the CE content separately atm.

About region lock, I don’t think there are any restrictions, but let me get back to you, so I can confirm it 100% :slight_smile:

Hitman 2 Collectors Edition (PC Version)

Crazy to think that the reason I joined this board is finally coming to a close, soon. Now I’ll just stay for all the great people. :3

I’m so happy he’s going to check on the region lock. :smiley:
That’s like, the final piece of the puzzle on what my next move will be.


Okay, roger that! Thank you so much for your response, Clemens! We will eagerly look forward to hearing about the region lock (or hopeful lack thereof!)


I hope that ingame duck is not that unique as many here believe. It is locked behind quite a pricetag. PC users even have to live in the right country.

I still expect the digital content to be sold seperately though, just like the Requiem Pack for HITMAN 2016. Sure not at release but maybe half a year later.


Nice to know where your American and Canadian customers are on your priorities list, guys. You ever decide you want my money again, you know what you need to do and how to get a hold of me. Until then, my money is going to other people who will make things I want to buy available where I live.

By the way, @Clemens_IOI friendly word of advice: When you deliver bad news and close it with a smile and “Have a great day!” it can come off as a bit less than sincere.


Oh yeah when I met them they were very clear they rather not earn money than giving these unpleasant American and Canadian customers anything. But WB forced them to sell the other Hitman 2 editions there at least.

When the gamescom was over we happily burnt an American flag as a good bye. Good times.


Come over here and say that!

and by that I mean, come visit me :slight_smile:


tbh, i dont buy the CE this time because i’m not interested in a Rubber Duck and a Briefcase. The CE from 2016 had an awesome Statue and a Tieclip, which was way cooler than the stuff included this time.

@Clemens_IOI how about a PS4 Port of Codename 47 that comes with a Replica of Lee Hongs Jade Figurine for the 20 Year Anniversary of C47? i would buy this instantly, no matter what it cost :heart_eyes:


@Clemens_IOI I don’t mean to bug you or anything, but someone brought up (and then decided not to post???) about a way we could do it, if the region lock disallows DLC.

Perhaps Americans could purchase one of the other CEs, then somehow return the other game, and be given a code that would allow for a PC version of the CE?

Until just now, I didn’t realise that PC Gold and PC CE would have different things and I really want that suit :frowning:


I would certainly welcome any information on potential options for U.S. customers – right now I know there is some potential secondary trading plans for people wanting to buy the CE via secondary parties in foreign countries and have it shipped here at additional (and not cheap) costs – it would be a comfort to have an official answer with regards to the region lock.
As for the suggestions I’ve seen regarding purchase of a US console CE to switch out to a PC version… I don’t want to shoot down anyone’s hopes or thoughts, as I certainly welcome anything that might work out for us, BUT – from my background in the industry, I’m pretty sure we’d be looking at an issue with them having to create a SKU to allow for that, even internally, which is likely part of the sticky wicket that prevented this from happening in the first place.
Though, @Clemens_IOI could potentially give us some insight into both the region lock, and maybe, just maybe, why NA is unable to get the PC CE?
I kinda feel like I lead the charge on this whole thing, and I’m tremendously happy that anyone at all is getting the PC CE – genuinely, it makes me happy that it’s possible for fans, even if not for me. That said, I’d also be willing to try to organize a (happy, positive, and well meaning) campaign to WB, or Gamestop, or whoever, if we knew where we could point our hopes and dreams at next.
IOI has been nothing but responsive and kind, in my mind, and I’m very appreciative for all you’ve done, all you will do, and I wish you all the best of luck, regardless of how this shakes out for me in particular.
Again, I want to give mad props to your team for even getting a PC CE to happen at all. If you can give us any shred of “Well, maybe talk to [xyz]”, that’d be grand. And in either case, let us know about region locking when you can, and we can make decisions from there.
Thanks so much, and happy hunting, all.