Is anyone else experiencing difficulties getting on the hitman 1 & 2 servers

This has been going on for quite some time, it woulf often take a very long time to connect and some times it wouldb’t even connect. But when I switch on another account it sometimes works.
It’s very inconsistent and takes a long time
Edit : I’m on ps4

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Use this site to look up if servers are down/under heavy load:

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I use it quite a lot, but the last couple of days it didn’t help, it would always say the servers are up

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The servers are still very inconsistent and keep failibg to connect even though hitmanstatus says they’re up

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@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI
Now it is literally impossible for me to get on hitman 1 & 2 servers, any suggestions on what I should do
I’m in the Netherlands if that helps

You obviously have a line or your PC/soft(hard)ware issues.
Something is blocking your access to HITMAN servers.
Firewall, antivirus, adblocks, or other software you using.
Maybe even your internet provider blocks traffic to HITMAN servers for whatever reason.
You need to address and consult about this problem with your provider or other technical staff/crew.
First address to your provider, then call for some technical specialist to come and check your equipment if you can’t do it yourself.

Another reason might be you simply got banned from Steam and/or from HITMAN itself for some violation.

Servers up and running, so there is no issues of IOIs side.

You need to deal with it yourself on your end

Also nobody can help you if you don’t even post what system you play on. If it is on console, you could try to reset your Router to factory settings. Note that this can result into having all devices to manually reconnect to it, look up first what happens with your wireless password for example.

On PC you can deactivate firewall, antivirus and such stuff too for testing purpose. After that reset Windows’ firewall settings to default, you can look up how on the Internet.

@Urben @misterkiller
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I’m on ps4

I’m also from the Netherlands and I’m experiencing the same issue. Couple of weeks ago it would fail to connect the first couple of times. Now it won’t connect at all.

I’m using the game on steam. Installed the game on separate machines, same issue. Modem and router restarts don’t work. I’ve have no network issues regarding any other games.

Looking at Netstat I see the following entry when trying to connect to the servers:


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Someone who plays on PC said in the Hitman Discord that a full reinstall solved connection issues.

Might be a stupid question, but if I reinstall, do I lose my progress ?

You might lose savegames (not sure if it matters if they are online/offline saves), but not your progress. It is stored on the servers.

Saves are stored on Steam Cloud, so you won’t lose saves even when installing the game to a new PC.
To make sure you won’t lose them, you may do a reserve copy of them from Steam folder

I’m also experiencing the “failed to fetch configuration from the Hitman 2 server” error. i play on PS4 and i’m als from the Netherlands, my ISP is Ziggo. my PS4 has no other network problems, i rebooted it and my router but nothing seems to fix this problem. UPDATE!!! i used my mobilephone (T-Mobile as provider) as a wifi hotspot for my PS4 and it works now.

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Ok, thank you. Might try that After re-installing hitman

I recommend you to open a ticket on your ISP support website. Maybe all Ziggo clients and others Netherlands ISP are affected by connectivity issues with hitman services and Microsoft Azure datacenters. Of course, can’t help you with that kind of issues, can only detect a problem at Hitman backend servers level not on your side or your ISP.

I’ve actually tested it at my brothers house who just lives a couple of blocks away, uses the same ISP and even the same router. No issues. This is really strange indeed.

Would be nice if someone who is familiar with the whole authentication process to guide me through the steps of isolating the issue so I know for sure if it’s actually on my side or that it goes awry somewhere down the line.

Update: After a reset of my modem it suddenly works after getting a new external IP from ISP Ziggo. I’ve read about other issues with game servers (sea of thieves) being unreachable through ISP Ziggo to the Azure servers where this is hosted. Apparently there are issues with the 40.x.x.x IP range. This very issue might impact hitman authentication servers as well if hosted from azure.

Ziggo is aware and working with Microsoft on the issue. Using a VPN will probably also solve the issue temporarily.


i was also experiencing the similar error. thanks all for your replies. it was helpful for me.
best regards!!

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