Is anyone running a 900 series card with Hitman 3? Does it work, mine doesn't launch

Ok so i have a GTX 960 and i have tried just about everything listed as a solution for H3 not starting/crashing, and none of those fixes have worked for me.

Windows Updated to latest Updates: Check
GeForce Experience is running Latest nVidia Drivers for graphics, and Card is Dx12 capable.
Latest DirectX and .Net Framework are installed.

Run as Administator on Epic Games Launcher ON. (also tried the .exe from install path both as admin and not, still will not launch.)

So i am out of ideas, and still have a couple days to get a refund. Anyone running a 900 series card with any good results, like even getting to the main menu or better?

It runs for others on a 960, so I don’t think the card itself is your real issue. Have you verified the files or downloaded again? Most common cause for a game not to launch at all is a file being missing, in my experience.

What Windows version/build do you use?

To all responses, yes i have verified and redownloaded, then verified again to see if there was a server issue

My Windows MSInfo says:"[Editorial, Windows Version:]10.0.15063 Build 15063

@all as well, i fixed the problem by going to the link provided by a google search of “download windows 10” and updated my version of windows, took about 20 minutes but i am able to launch the game.