Is Beldingford Manor Haunted?


So I’ve been playing Hitman Contracts (Hitman HD Pack) and I couldn’t help but be more observant with the atmosphere of Beldingford Manor. With it being a foggy stormy night I couldn’t help but notice how unsettling the interior section of the manner is. As I roamed through thr estate I stumbled upon plenty of secret passage ways/trapped doors most notably the hedge maze and bathroom passage that leads directly to Lord Winston, but to top it all off echos of child laughter fill the corridors and a coffin can be seen in the cellar. I initially founded Meat Kings Party to be more disturbing, but after this new experience I had with Beldingford Manor it disturbs me more knowing that people might have been abducted, used, and killed during one of Winstons hunts and that the lost souls might haunt the halls of Beldingford.

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seeing as there’s a ghost in there, yes


Pretty sure Hitman Contracts itself is haunted.


I never saw the ghost soo this is new to me.


Game is spooky in general.

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The visible ghost is in the hotel of Traditions of the Trade. Beldingford Manor only has the creepy laughs and unsettling noises.


I was about to say the only ghost people bring up is on the remake of Tradition and not Beldningford.


Huh… I never noticed any weird sounds in Beldingford Manor.


Ill record it and upload it for you


oh right, i was misremembering


I can just search it up on YouTube tomorrow morning


The question still is… Is it haunted or no?
It could be 47 misremembering since Contracts is one big memory, but evidence throughout the map and target decriptions support the theory that it could be haunted.


“The manor is briefly mentioned by mansion staff in the World of Tomorrow level. They discuss about films and mention a horror film named “The Haunting of Beldingford Manor”.”

A quote from Wikia


Yeah the ghost is in Traditions of the Trade, not Beldingford Manor. Although I will say, it does give off the impression of being haunted. As a matter of fact, a lot of the levels in Contracts give off that impression.

We most likely won’t see it any time soon, but someday, I would absolutely love to see more Hitman levels like in Contracts. The levels, the targets, the atmosphere. Everything!

Everything was just so damn dark, cold and mysterious, that in many situations left you with an unsettling feeling (in a good way if that makes sense lol) like you weren’t ever truly “alone.” :eyes: I miss that so much.

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Thats why im on the fence on if its a misconception because its 47’s memory or if the place is actually haunted.

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It’s probably just because 47’s memory, as he’s going in and out of consciousness, so he’s most likely just remember things slightly different.

I forgot where I read it, but I remember once reading the reason it’s raining in most of the levels is because it’s representing 47’s unconscious state.

This makes scene, as it’s NOT raining in the final mission of Contracts (a mission where you’re playing as 47 in present time.)


there’s also an NPC (or multiple idk) that have the Beldingford name


I think it is just the name of a horror movie as a reference to the Easter egg, like a Blumhouse “true haunting” style movie or exploitation film. In fact I think most Easter Eggs aren’t canon other wise HITMAN 2 should have referenced the giant cockroach that attacked Bangkok.


Fantastic to see even new Contracts players notice it’s dark tones. At least one kind of dark level for the current Hitman will do.

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I really like the basement level in Bangkok because it’s so dark and grimey. Probably the closest the game comes to the Contracts vibe.