Is Elusive Target "Arcade" no more...?

Yes it is. You can replay without end. A waiting period does not limit the amount of times you can play (unlimited), it just limits how soon you can do it again (restricted).

i’m not arguing whether it’s good or bad or makes sense thematically, i’m arguing that the cooldown existing means the missions are not fully replayable

And I gave perfectly good reasoning besides theming as to why that’s not the case.

i don’t think so? i would also argue that having to play through other missions to be able to play the one you want means they’re not fully replayable

No, that just means you don’t like cheesing the other missions to get at the one you want. It still makes the one you want to play fully replayable, there’s just more steps to get to it.

People on Reddit were literally begging for this. Every single “make ETs permanent” post on there suggested adding a cooldown timer to keep them high stakes. IOI gave people what they were asking for, only for people to find out that what they were asking for wasn’t really what they wanted…


…It’s almost like as if people like a fair punishment…

be serious, ET arcade isn’t what anyone was asking for or expecting


I was replying to your comment about the cooldown timer with info about why the cooldown timer was added in the first place.

I was pleasantly surprised honestly. Yes, the first few were not great, but they fixed the complications issue, and they’re generally not seen as bad, last I recall.

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could you imagine if you had to do that with the main story missions? cheese bangkok to play colorado? literally nobody would be able to defend that, and nobody would be calling the missions “fully replayable”

The game is designed around the main missions, ET’s are supplementary to it. That’s not even remotely a fair comparison to make.

(also, if you were speedrunning an any% story mode, this is literally what you’d do)

i don’t even mind the cooldown timer since i rarely play the ET arcade, but cooldown timer + escalation format + complications is entirely different to if they were released separately with just the cooldown timer

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The complications can be ignored, and the escalation format isn’t much of a deal breaker, and again, can be cheesed. They are more similar than I think you want to admit to.

i don’t want to have to cheese a mission to play the one i want, every single time i want to play it

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Then don’t. ETA is not your cup of tea, that is abundantly clear.

not IO’s cup of tea either given they abandoned it

No, they either don’t want to do them right now, or player feedback has made them aware of peoples’ issues with it. It’s not your cup of tea. They are merely offering it to you. They like their tea on the menu, others do not. It’s fine to disagree with IOI, but it’s probably best not to project your experience onto a company and try to suggest they think the same way you do.

God I hope the metaphor comes out as I wanted it to

So The Fixer… Yeah. It’d be great if they still put him in there. Sure. There’s an Insta-fail complication, but how many IQ points does it take to figure that out? You KO him, get a grayed out fail screen that says “You subdued the courier too early”. How many people are going to suddenly forget that in 12 hours that when they go to retry it they just KO the guy again and are like “Uh oh, spaghettios!”

Maybe they can make the bag-o diamonds courier highlighted blue like they do ‘The Constant’ so a certain percentage of the player base doesn’t go… well, getting what they deserve for not reading/listening to the briefing. Turn off his blue color when it’s safe to bop him.

I know the whole highlighting aspect is counterintuitive to the ET formula. But this would be the best compromise for the :baby:s.

Oh well. If IOI refuses to put him in - that’s their choice. I get it in that (yeah) bad game design, but (player mistakes) shouldn’t be the excuse to not include him. To exclude him is to also deny (some, maybe most of) their players the opportunity to at least experience this ET. Maybe even get their revenge (as much as anyone can get “revenge” on a character in a video game).

:no_entry_sign: :poop: :mag: :man_detective:

:joy: Well, yeah, obviously.


I’m not sure how what I originally said could be taken any other way. I didn’t use the word “missing” as in they were once there and then at some point vanished. I guess anything to be included in the discussion.

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I really don’t think the instafail needs to even be there, just make it so you have to find the diamonds on your own if the courier is subdued/killed? that’s enough of a punishment on its own without any clues

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