Is GOTY upgrade not available in PSN Asia?


I already have steel book case version season 1 full game, my account is under PSN Taiwan(or Asia), I have been excited about the GOTY upgrade, but as I selected the in-game store purchase, it only showed error which said “it is not available or not on sale” :tired_face:

I have been tweeting the same question on IO twitter but still don’t get an reply :disappointed_relieved:

So whether or not the GOTY upgrade is on PSN Asia or will be on PSN Asia ???

I am desperately want to play the new mission!


well if you say so… but I am still curious why is this not on PSN Asia ???


I have the same trouble. I can’t access it even if the game was automatically patched. And i’miei on Italy.


Perhaps some countries have more “hoops” to jump through? I know nothing about developers putting games out on consoles, let alone in other counties, but it’s possible that there is an unfortunate “extra wait” period as the game is processed and put on the market.

Sorry I can’t be much help. @Travis_IOI ?


I just noticed there is another patch installing on the game. I hope this will fix the issue. I’la check it later.


Just a note to let you know I’m trying to get more info on this and will update when I have it.


Thank you @Travis_IOI .


Thank you, you are a lifesaver! @Travis_IOI


I have the same problem in Hong Kong

I cant buy it in-game
Also, I cant search the upgrade in the PSN asia store

I think problem is that the Goty upgrade is not on the PSN asia
It is not on ch-HK store of PSN

P.S. the game version is the newest


Same thing, tried to access a link to the GOTY purchase but was redirected to the Complete season one store page (which I already own)


We are still investigating and pursuing this issue. Thank you for your patience as we work on a solution.

Unable to purchase Goty

Based in Hong Kong here and managed to purchase the GOTY update for 19.99 USD, but it takes a bit for work. Also didn’t want to wait for the local ps store to have this as it can take ages or may never come.

  1. Set up a new PSN account, select United States, I looked up a random US business address and I putted that in , zip code I used 90210.

  2. Then obtain a US PS store credit code. Some internet sites sell these but I didn’t want to get scammed so went down to the local games mall (pm me for which shop, it’s at 188 at Wanchai HK) to get an actual printed out game code, costs me way more than 20 USD (they charged 200 hkd) but I knew if it didn’t work I could get my mone back and it’s not going to be a scam.

  3. Launch hitman with the US PSN account, go to the store and purchase the GOTY update, you will be prompted to fill up PSN credits with the 12 digit code.

So ended up with access to Patient zero and the new outfits in Hong Kong, hope this is helpful to other Asian players. Let me know if I could provide more info on how to gain access.



Getting ready to start the patient zero campaign


@Fufucat Could you tell me more about the ps credit code? Where i can find it, precisely? I’m on italy.


@Loner some internet sites sell the US psn code but some looks like scams and I am not comfortable
Releasing my credit card or Paypal info to them, sometimes these codes appear on eBay too.

Btw just to add that even if you set up a US PSN account you cannot use a paypal account or credit card that is not linked to a US address. So using US PS store code is the only way to purchase abroad (according to my limited knowledge)


@Loner I think this amazon link might be safe to try, but again no guarantees.


@Travis_IOI I finally haved access to the GOTY upgrade!

I purchased the requiem pack (as i already told you, i didn’t owned before) from the in-game store; after that, still from the game’s shop, i purchased the upgrade, and now all the previously locked content is available.
So, it seems my issue was about the requiem pack.

Another user of the forum with the sane trouble discovered this before me. I actually followed his experience posted on another thread.

Thank you for the support demostrated anyways.


This isn’t necessarily true.

i bought the physical copy of the game earlier this year, and digitally purchased requiem pack and bonus episodes.

Still says “There is no content. It might not be for sale yet, or might no longer be for sale.” when i tried purchasing it in the in-game store, as of this very moment i am typing this post.

My psn store is Asia, Singapore.

Still waiting on IO’s update. Can’t wait to play Patient Zero though!


I don’t know what to say at this point.
I resolved after buying requiem pack. And i buyied the goty upgrade on the shop on the main game ui.
I’m sincerely sorry for your situation. I suffered it too few days ago. I hope you’la be able to play PZ campaign at soon as possible.

Btw, another user from honk kong resolved the problem in another way.

You can see the @Fufucat post in this same thread.


The GOTY content is not currently available in Asia on PSN. We’re actively pursuing solutions to getting this changed so that the content is available. Thanks for sticking with us as we work on it.

Can't purchase the GOTY Upgrade