Is GOTY upgrade not available in PSN Asia?


What is the issue if I may ask?


The GOTY content isnt on the PSN Asia store. I guess the only thing we can do is wait for it to appear. Kinda sad as everyone is discussing the PZ content which is like a spoiler to us. Need to stay away from the videos and threads.


Any updates on this?


Not everyone, most people have moved away tbh, keep your patience long. You’re a role player. You know how to do this


Yea it’s oki. To be honest, the hype is gone and I’ve lost all interest for PZ. So it doesn’t really matter now when it’s going to be up on the stores. Im not gg get it anymore.


It’s still worth it for the price, either way. You’ll also miss out on 2 very good unlocks. The ghost sniper and the striker. I’d pay $20 for both of these unlocks alone. :joy:


Honestly i was more interested in the campaigns. Striker seems great but for my play style I doubt i would use it much. Sniper maybe. I like the raven suit though


Anyone else forgot this existed?


I haven’t forgot. I’m sorry it’s taking so long for you to get the update :confused:

I can’t help at all, but I’ll be happy to keep it in public eye.


Sorry, but I can’t let this go. I understand that it’s not ‘in your hands’ when it comes to making the game available on the PS asia store. But as the game owners, i believe you have the right to push or at least ask for an update from the people who’s job is to put it on the store, rather than just leave it as it is. Especially when you have a huge number of fans in this region.


If you are referring to IOI as the people who’s job it is to put it on the store, then that’s what we’re working towards. As you’ll see on the store right now for the Complete First Season, Bandai Namco are the publishers, through a partnership with Square Enix. We’re working on taking over that content so that we can publish the content.

Just as soon as there is an update, you’ll know.


Hi all!

Just wanted to add another name to the PSN Asia group (I’m in Hong Kong) who’s keen to play the GOTY content.

I can’t even try to “purchase Requiem / whatever pending DLC” path because those options don’t work either in the in-game store.

So I will stick to escalations, Sarajevo Six and others while waiting for the GOTY content.

Any effort that’s being spent towards this end is much appreciated! Thanks Travis and all involved.


I am in HK and got it to work by using the US PS Store. To be honest it’s a hassle but not that difficult. If you are keen enough then there are ways to get the GOTY upgrade. I also think that when season 2 comes out those in Asia may also suffer from a delayed release. Hopefully This won’t happen.


That’s interesting though, I did try to open a US account but then gave up because I couldn’t get past the Payment method (haven’t explored the PSN credit path yet, and Paypal only gives worthless error messages). But when I try to buy the intro pack, it says I dont own the other episodes and/or the main game (which is normally played on the other HK account). So…I have given up at this point.

I suspect this is because my game is a digital bundle from the Asia PSN store and isn’t accessible through the US profile.


You need a US based PayPal account or Credit card linked to an US address before you can use the US PS store. That’s why I got the US PSN credit from a local store as it was the easiest way out.

My game version is the US Steelbook Edition, perhaps the same path won’t work for you if it’s a digital version downloaded from the Asia PS Store? Anyways best of luck to you in getting the update.


Yeah, thanks a lot for your experience sharing!


hi everyone. I am a player from Hong Kong. The problem still exists and the content cannot be purchased in game. Just want to see if there is any update.


this works for me.
i am using steelbook disc PLAS-07098


Hi @Travis_IOI, I have forgotten about the game to be honest as it is still unable to obtain via the proper channel (don’t really want to open an extra account just to get the extra content). On Asia store it is still showed as not available.

Strangely the Definitive Edition is available, but since I already have the base game it would really be redundant for me to get that, not to mention the extra cost.

I have moved on from wanting to play the extra content from GOTY, I still don’t know for whatever reasons it wasn’t made available in Asia, but I do have high hopes for the upcoming Hitman 2. Maybe we will have a better experience with the new game.