Is Hitman 3 your most anticipated game at the moment?

Hello everyone,

Call me weird but waiting for it more than Cyberpunk 2077.

Those are the only two games I care about at the moment, but dunno with Cyberpunk 2077 latest presentation… I wasn’t entirely sold. I’m afraid it won’t necessarily meet the ridiculously high expectations everyone seems to have. However, Hitman is already a proven formula

Dying to know what the rest of the H3 locations are. And what kind of gameplay improvements they’ve made. Especially when they said they’re pushing the systems to their limits, AI wise


Definitely. I’ve loved this series since I picked it up in 2017 and I can’t wait to see how the trilogy ends.


Can’t wait for Hitman 3 unfortunately nothing else I’m hyped for at the moment though.

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I also pre-ordered cyberpunk and looking forward to it but hitman still steals it’s spotlight for me… Been a fan for 18 years now and hitman always goes over other games for me…


With Mafia remake yes.

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pretty high up but cyberpunk is higher

I bought PS4 Pro only because of HITMAN Complete First Season Steelbook Edition. And bought GOTY right after I installed the main game. And bought HITMAN 2 Gold Edition 9.11.2018. This waiting for HITMAN 3 is killing me… I just love HITMAN.


Hitman 3 is absolutely my most anticipated. The only other game I’m looking forward to is another god of war game that’s not even been announced yet


Most games in the past that I’ve felt hyped about have left me down, which is why these days I try and stay in the dark about upcoming games, and wait until reviews are in. I never pre-order anymore, and the same goes for Hitman 3.

That being said, I’m pumped about Hitman 3.
What really did it for me is the developer insight interview where you could tell just how proud they are of the game, it seemed like everyone being interviewed was fighting back smiles, they’re clearly quite proud of the game they made. That in itself has be excited.
As for Cyberpunk 2077, I’ve purposely avoided learning much about it, especially since it’s been hyped up to such a degree that I think people will be disappointed if the game isn’t 100% perfect.


The game I’m looking forward to the most is, of course, Hitman 3.

However, I’ve been waiting for Watch Dogs: Legion for much longer. It’s my second most anticipated game.

Those are the two games I’m looking forward to at the moment.


Cyberpunks gameplay always looked kind of… Off? It’s my biggest fear of the game at the minute


Yes. This is the only game I’m currently anticipating. I really can not wait! It probably doesn’t help that I come to HMF daily and look at tons and tons of stuff where we scrutinise every little morsel is information and come up with our own ideas of how the story will end and what gameplay changes might come. BUT I LOVE IT


It seems a lot of peeps here are looking forward to this game, far more than expected than other game communities - myself included. I like to think that because this game is special and unique, people have high hopes for this. The thought of being special is enough to make someone reluctantly think back that this game is fantastic.

But also you’re asking this question in a forum full of people who love this game to the death, so there’s that. xD

Yes I’m looking forward to this game. Can’t wait to play it.


Of 2021.

2020 is reserved for cyberpunk and halo.

im not 100% sure what’s so special about Cyberpunk, but people have been hyping it up for years, so i might be missing something. i think it might just be because CD Projekt Red always puts out good games


I think H3 could be. I mean, I don’t have a PS4… If I did, I’d be all over Ghosts of Tsushima (even though it’s already out). Sekiro I watched videos on since I was aware of the difficulty factor. So I’m certain that’s a game I’ll never play. I will not watch any vids on Ghosts of Tsushima since I think it’s a game I’d really like to play… at least some day. Maybe it will see a PC release.

Sorry for going off on a tangent there, but the question warranted it. Let’s just say that if H3 were available right now - I’d buy it without hesitation.

It’s hard to get excited about Ubisoft games knowing what I do about the abuse their staff has endured over the years :frowning:


Honestly, not really. I just got super burned out on Hitman. I’m very hyped for it though but since I’ve gotten my switch I’m just dying for some announcements for nintendo games. Outside of that I’m very excited for Hollow Knight Silksong but who knows about that one.

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Releases 2050

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Damn that’s sooner than I thought