Is Hitman “infinite”?

I was thinking this recently and I wanted to ask the rest of you: are the new Hitman games couple of giving you infinite content?

What I mean is could you play a level and think of infinite variables to kill a target. Could you reasonable lure a target to enough places to consider it a new kill? Are there infinite strats you can do for a level?

Is there infinite combinations for Contracts mode that could give you a new experience every time? Are there infinite ideas for escalations and an infinite amount of Elusive Targets they could do?

I was just thinking that and the idea was bugging me. I guess I’ve just been getting very repetitive with Hitman lately and want some kind of affirmation

I mean, I guess it depends if you are being literal or not. I imagine there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of combinations. But it would still be a finite number.

I think the other thing is though is that while there are tons of contracts you can do, I imagine only a small percentage would actually be good and interesting. Still though, with the model of the latest Hitman games, and the way Contracts work, I think it is a good mode that encourages replayability. And personally, I think Contracts could become even more complicated and have more features eventually. Hopefully we’ll a few more features in the mode with Hitman III.


I like to think this is the case, but rather that it falls within your imagination rather than the game itself. You could bust the game into different ways of ideas and still there are more awaiting to be discovered.

Hitman isn’t about the idea of imagination, it’s the thought that goes into them.

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That’s a comforting thought, because I AM an idiot. I don’t even know what the mission names mean

Nah you’re alright. Being curious is what fuels me to post in HMF in the first place.

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Seriously what does Nightcall mean? My other thread hasn’t gotten a reply yet

I wouldn’t have a clue. Maybe something like an adventure of sorts at night?

You only posted it 8 minutes ago. You should wait for other replies in that thread. :slight_smile:

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When you a visit a house at night? “I’m going to give Karen a nightcall, just to see if she is doing OK.” That’s my guess. And you’re not an idiot.

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Yeah maybe. Don’t worry I don’t consider being an idiot an insult, just like how I don’t consider being intelligent a compliment. It’s just a thing

Nightcall is also a more elegant term for a late light booty call, but in hitman its bullets instead of… ffs, why did i even write this


To me, Hitman contains hours and hours of fun and has tons of replayability. But the fun is finite. It is a single player experience at the end of the day. I think the key here is to manage expectations and take a break from Hitman whenever it starts getting stale.


I completely agree. Coming back to Hitman is possible because there’s always something to do and there’s usually a pretty long lifespan of updates and new content. While 2016 had the longer lifespan, 2 has much more quality additions and kept me coming back for more.
The roadmap became like game release dates because of how excited I would be for even the smallest things like escalations.


You can’t be a true idiot if you think you’re an idiot. “When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.”


adjusts tie I tell you I am dumb. How dumb am I? When someone mugged me I asked for change :drum: