Is it a bug or not?


Well this happens in pro mode.I started by default location,take Maya first with hay bale,meanwhile Rose comes to explosion zone and see Maya’s death.So he panic,lockdown,ran back to the house.I’ve been waiting a long time but he seems to stay in his room forever.Using instinct can see that he wash hands,spend time with pencil over and over,and never come out again.I’m not sure if it a change or something?


I do find on Pro Mode, the AI are a lot different, changing paths and stopping a route altogether. Not sure if it’s a bug or intentional though.


Must be one of his neurosis attack caused by seeing a dead body. I’m not serious


See a dirty dead body!NO!Need to stay himself clean!LOL


Yeah,some like Silvio doesn’t stand under solar system.But if a target see another’s body will stop a route?Well…