Is it just me or do bodies sometimes randomly get found? And is it a feature or a bug?

There have been multiple times I’ve hidden a body in a room nobody ever goes to only to have it found like 10 minutes later, well after everyone’s routine would have looped multiple times. I suppose it’s possible that in every case it was because someone’s found a weapon so they’ve deviated from their routine to go drop it off somewhere and found the body, but that seems unlikely because I feel like sometimes it’s happened when I’m on the other side of a map so any recently dropped weapons would probably be in the proximity of a closer weapon crate. Am I imagining things or do bodies sometimes randomly get found? And is that a feature - which I could see it being one because really there are so many body crates around there’s not much excuse not to hide them (although sometimes not doing so is the stealthiest option) - or just a bug?

NPCs can see through walls/floors/ceilings.
That’s the explanation.
I suppose body(ies), especially if there are many and lying like a heap, are well-visible to some NPC at some point of time.

It’s definitely and unequivocally a bug

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It could happen because of multiple reasons. Without the full video of the run, all we can do is just speculating.

Happens to me too. In some cases it was because a character’s escort, like a bodyguard, found himself with no charge, so he then starts roaming off his usual route. But other times it is inexplicable.