Is it just me, or does Hitman 2 feel like its designed for people who found 2016 too hard?

  • General difficulty and situations/target behavior is way easier and less dynamic

  • Escalations only have 3 steps instead of five, and are generally too simple compared to 2016

  • Opprtunities/Mission Stories also have less steps and are generally kept more simple

  • Everything is even more conveniently placed than ever before(need a shovel to dig? Well there’s one right here buddy! No need to actually disguise yourself to grab one from a gardener’s truck or something… Its not like this is Hitman™ or anything.)

  • Handholding to a point it becomes obnoxious. (Based on this game, IO must’ve data showing that nobody ever bothered replaying a mission, or why do they beg us to keep playing stories? And whats the deal with giving me a voicecall about literally anything now? Does IO data also show that nobody ever checked intel? Is that why I got a call in Mumbai about a suspicious traveller the moment I entered the building, despite there being two NPCs talking about said guy just 2 meters away from me???)

  • Master mode is a compelte joke compared to 2016. Professional in 2016 made you pick new routes and new approaches due to item restrictions. That they removed those is completely nonsensical in terms of having a higher difficulty and just turns Master mode into another “lets run through this like its an arcade game” mode.

Hitman 2 feels a bit as if IO just wants you to breeze through these levels as quickly as possible, with little to no opposition. If I didnt know it better, I’d think that they did this because they want to sell more to a broader audience. Given the remodeled faces that basically shout “we got no money to scan!”, this might actually be true. But jeez, Hitman 2 is almost pleading players to keep going while simoultaneously waving them through… If anything, I’d want to see more complex situations, not less.

Is it just me, or do other people also think that Hitman 2018 is a bit too dumbed-down compared to 2016 in terms of Hitman-ess?

Edit: Since a lot of peoples replies seem to be “lol you just play in casual” I just wanna make it clear that I always play with missions stories and instinct off, often without minimap, and never played casual just once. If your only response is “you must be playing on casual!” then don’t even start, because its wrong.


Yes because the cannon ball and gunpowder right next to the cannon itself in Sapienza wasn’t convenient enough.


I don’t know what you’re actually talking about, but seems you played (if played at all) HITMAN 2 only on Casual difficulty.
HITMAN 2 has three difficulty levels: Casual, Professional and Master.
Go try next two and you’ll see the difference


You can disable mission story guidance and tweak many other gameplay settings. I agree that Diana sometimes speaks too much, but its not that bad.

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Your words are harsh for a studio that was in the midst of an uncertain financially involved breakup.

Also your just plain wrong. There are 3 difficulty levels and you basically just admitted to playing on casual only. Im not judging but you have only really scratched the surface of possible scenarios Hitman 2 has to offer due to that reason alone.


This is also a multi-layered game with modes with varying challenge like contract mode. And where game challenges end your own rules start.


Don’t wanna say it is “just” you but based on the community response, i’d say that’s a minority opinion.


I mean some things are made easier, like frisks, the SA tracker or the taser weapons. It is not entirely false.


I recommend playing H3 on master difficulty first. It’s fun to explore and discover things on your own. This will take out many of easy to grab items from the map and it turns off all the hand holding.

The move to 3 stages instead of 5 was one that was greatly recieved by the community.

Instead of having 5 levels of repeating tedious tasks with a slightly increased level of difficulty each time, you have 3 stages, which all feel fundamentally different, from each other, making it more fun to play.

The difficulty increase per level is also more than that of 2016, and no level feels like filler.

The overall difficulty of Escalations in 2016 compared to hitman 2 are up for debate


I don’t think it’s safe to say that Hitman 2 is easier overall like that. I think that overall every game is handholdy.

Hitman is supposed to be a puzzle game. To achieve that one must design it to be a puzzle game. In this case, getting a shovel quickly means that there’s a connection - the thought process of getting one means that it wasn’t designed with a handholdy mindset, but rather for game design, and both for community feedback.

Now you’re saying that it is indeed handholdy and too easy. I say that every game is. Sure you’re left with quirky non-sensible stuff, but I don’t think that there was ever a time where both being handholdy and being a puzzle game was ever in vain. It’s either one or the other, and frankly I think that audiences tend to be left in their own critical thinking elsewhere.

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But for some Escalations I feel 3 levels is not enough.
Playing a few on a third level I only just got a taste and the story ends. That’s a bummer.
Some of the Escalations are really good. For those 5 levels would be just great.
But for garbage Escalations even 1 level is a lot.

In my personal opinion in both HITMAN games there are 95-97% of garbage Escalations and only a few are really intetersting and fascinating.
For example I liked Bigmooney Flamboyancy. For me three levels in that Escalation is not enough.
The Truman Contravention wasn’t really bad too, but missing more carefully thought out idea.
If The Delgado Larceny would’ve thought out more carefully as welll, it would be great Escalation too.
Somthing like this


And the sieker and the kalmer. And the fact that you can restore SA by killing a target that saw something: rooms with 2 npcs of which 1 is a target are far easier now.

Overall 2016 was definitely harder, but also more consistent.


i wouldn’t necessarily say it is easier, but it definetely feels more casualized. this game won’t even let you get frisked if you are armed, and diana seems to talk way more in S2 than S1, telling you things that are already in front of you.


Funny that you mention difficulty levels, because for me, the one and maybe only thing that felt vastly easier in H2 than in H2016 was Master SASO runs, and to an extend Master difficulty in general.

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One conveniently placed element, doesnt make up for a whole game thats basically: what you need is two steps away

I never played on casual difficulty. Everyone telling me that my post admitted that I played in casual is simply wrong. As anyone, I played on Professional for the most part, with master when getting bored of the pro levels due to playing them too much.

Which is another point I should add to the OP: Master mode in Hitman 2 is a compelte joke compared to Professional in 2016. They removed the item restrictions making it way easier.

You must’ve played different a different Hitman 2 than me then. Because “fundamentally different” is the opposite of what these were. They often simply said “do the same thing again, but now more NPCs will see through your disguise” which is not even a real obstacle. Escalations in 2 are way more similar than in 2016. Maybe thats the one you meant and you just mixed them up? Because thats the one that had escalations such as the last step suddenly killing someone with explosions instead of guns for example.

If you want to tell me that I’m wrong, then maybe choose to do it with examples, rather than just guessing that I play on casual, which I’m not. I could do a similar thing and say that not seeing the blatant differences in design and difficulty must mean that you play these games very casually. But I’m not doing that.

That’s just plain wrong. Any puzzle in any game lives off of its design, and Hitman has evidently shown in the past that it can have interesting designs that are more than just getting something “quickly”. If anything, Hitmans highest points are the literal opposite to what you claim.

Hitman is always at its best when getting an object requires more than simply walking up to it. Because the whole games literally revolves around a sequence of player actions to get a desired result. Simply walking from at to b, while picking things up on the way, is in no way an accomplishment.

Not to mention that Hitman is only a “puzzle” game if you want to play it that way, and follow the stories that require certain actions at certain times. Anything else can hardly be called “puzzle”. Plus, people can also play it like a stealth game, by just stealthing through the levels. Hitman has shown that it can walk the line between puzzle and stealth pretty well.

Yea I dont really get where that guy is coming from.

Just taking the very first escalation in Miami for example: Kill one guy as medic with any method. Then kill 2 guys as medic with any method. Finally kill three guys as medic with any method. Wow! I’m really impressed by these “fundamental” changes…

Hitman 2016 escalations were definitely quantity over quality.

This is reversed in Hitman 2.

Your example of the Medic escalation in Miami reminds me of about 2/3 of all of 2016s escalations.

There are exceptions to my statement, such as your medic example and the 3 GOTY escalations in 2016


No they weren’t. Not in comparison to 2. Wanna go through them 1 by 1? I agree that Hitman 2016 also has some stinkers, but given the number of good ones, it doesnt hold up in a “3 step escalations are so much better” argument. Especially when its evident that they did this due to lack of funds and time.

And its literally an example of escalations in the game you claim to have so diverse escalations. Countering direct evidence with “well it reminds me of…” is not a good point to make.