Is it possible to change the time limit on contracts?

So for my contract I want it to have to be finished in under 10 minutes, I completed it in 2:30 minutes so that’s the time on the complication.

Is it possible to edit the time limit (on xbox) so that it has to be completed in 10 minutes or will I just have to wait 10 minutes before exiting??

You can’t edit the time, you can only set the time limit complication to be the the same time depending on what the exact time is when you exit the contract you’re creating.

You can post your Hitman 2 contracts questions here instead


When you create a new one, you can just complete all objectives, go to the exit, wait there and hit “exit” at the 10 minute mark if you really want to have this. You can turn a timer on ingame.
No changes possible for released contracts though.


Just forget about and ignore any time limits while creating contracts.
The best solution