Is it possible to complete the veteran sa/fiber wire only?


I’ve been trying for ages and i haven’t found a way to complete the sajarevo six #4 the veteran is a SA/Fiber Wire Only run. There aren’t any walkthroughs on youtube can anyone help me with it?


You should ask @JDMHatch_G
He has all the records for the sarajevo targets afaik


Well, in theory you can subdue half of the level anytime.

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@leet_it_b i already tried that and i don’t know where to hide the bodies


I think #2 & #4 are the most criminally underdone targets.

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I can’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. I can try when I get home from work. If I manage it i’ll make you a video.


@JDMHatch_G Thanks :wink:


Good news - I managed to do it with no KO’s in 2:08

I had a few ideas while I was in work, but only one of them actually worked. There’s not too many places on the ground floor of Himmapan where you can fiber wire someone unnoticed, but I did manage to find a good place - it’s pretty reliable if you time it right.

Hope you like


What an amazing run!!!
The mercenary fiber wire only next :wink:

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very clever. Taught me a thing or two-thanks for doing that.

That coin is one of the most powerful items in the game-almost OP.

Just gotta know how to use it.


Thanks very much :slight_smile: I’m glad you found it useful

I tried a bit last night, though the mercenary is pretty much where I draw the line between challenging and tedious. It either needs to be done by separating him from his stalkers with guns or making a boom and then hoping he goes somewhere alone. I will try again tonight. Would be nice to get a video of it :slight_smile:


I played this mission many times. I disabled the surveillance, I took out would be witnesses, I put rat poison in drinks, and shot at coconuts. Finally I managed SA by shooting a fire extinguisher where the target stands smoking, but I never found a way to isolate the target for a fiber wire attack. I assumed you had to contain all bodies as in absolution and BM. I totally overthought the whole thing.

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I was a bit disappointed with this target, his routine just seemed a bit hollow.
I ended up snipering from the open window in room 207 which was fun


The mission took you almost two years?

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You just remembered me how much I miss the old graphics/red and black backgrounds.