Is it possible to exit with the sniper and the payment briefcase in A House Of Cards?

Normally, when I play A House Of Cards, I eliminate Hendrik and the scientist in the elevator, and then snipe the Sheik after ringing his phone, but because I bring the sniper, I can’t steal the diamonds without losing $5000 from weapon recovery. Is there any way to exit with both the sniper and the payment briefcase without getting spotted? Thanks.

You can put the sniper in the ICA crate in 47’s hotel room. If I remember it right, you don’t have to pay for weapons that are stored inside the crates.


Or you could take your sniper down in the briefcase and go and get the diamon briefcase, take sniper out and carry both out, it’s longer but that’s what i do


That’s actually how I managed to obtain the Shotgun from Traditions of the Trade in Contracts. Carrying the shotgun in one hand and the bomb case in the other. :wink: