Is it possible to get in the Villa in Sapienza Side Missions?

Is it possible to get in the Villa or lab in Sapienza Side Missions? They don’t look infiltratable, but maybe a bug or EE I haven’t found?

Some time ago somebody shared a video how they infiltrated villa, or lab in The Icon, I think it was.
Or Landslide. Don’t remember now, but it’s possible with getting out of bounds trick, though they said it was extremely hard because everytime they were falling through the map.

Edit: I believe this is the one:

I remember I watched these videos:


Well, there is a way in Hitman 3 to explore the older maps. A certain forum member, who will remain nameless, posted a tutorial on YouTube. It’s probably already on Io’s radar by now, but I won’t post the video here and increase the likelihood of it being discovered by them and patched out.

The trick works in Landslide, did it just the other day. It should be possible in The Author because the ICA safehouse is accessible (seems like the best place from which to enter the mansion grounds). I’m sure you still can in The Icon, but I haven’t tried it myself, that one might take a few tries. The Hitman 3 out of bounds trick is actually not too hard to pull off either. I got it to work in Paris, Miami, Hokkaido, and Chongqing in a matter of minutes without much frustration.

A major takeaway I had from exploring the mansion in Landslide was that the antique cannons were loaded into the level and useable like in World of Tomorrow. If I remember right, we earned gunpowder as an unlock at one point. It won’t happen, but I hope Io gives us a cannonball unlock someday before the trick is patched out so someone can kill Abiatti with it. I couldn’t seem to find any cannonballs in the ruins area, but maybe there’s one hidden somewhere in the actual map that I forgot about.

Edit: The problem with the cannon kill is a lack of inventory space. I always come up with fun ideas then realize I wouldn’t have enough room to bring everything I need to make them happen.

Propane catapult Abiatti into the air and hit him with the cannon that destroys Carusos plane? Sounds like a job for @Urben

Sadly the cannon is too scripted for that, there is no cannon ball traveling trough the air but instead a timed explosion exactly where the impact is happening. You can see that by shooting on a loaded cannon (which triggers the cannon fire) while standing exactly in front of it. No harm. :laughing: