Is it unsportsmanlike to reload saves for easy Challenge unlocks?


Fellow assassins!

So, I played through Hitman Legacy and 2 in the last two odd weeks since I bought the game; decided to just work through the narrative and then go back to earlier maps for Mastery.

Right now I’m focusing on Isle of Sgàil so I can learn the map well enough and hit my first ET. I’m really enjoying it - as I’ve enjoyed most of the other missions - but have also resolved myself to sometimes loading earlier saves for Challenges that overlap or have different requirements via the same path/route/strategy to save myself the slog of going through all the drama/effort of some Challenges again (I’m looking at you, Janus funeral garb!).

What’s great about this is - since all Challenge unlocks are stored online - you don’t have to complete the mission after every successful Challenge to unlock it and gain XP/Mastery - as I’m sure all of you know…

And - yes - this is preference and there are no rules for or against this, so maybe the question is moot, but per the subject line:

“Is it unsportsmanlike to reload saves for easy Challenge unlocks?”


I never do it for immersion reasons, but I’m not judging people who do. There are a lot of challenges and so little time.

What I do do is go on challenge specific runs where I try to work out a way to get several challenges down in one run.

If I fail a mission but already had completed a challenge before for example dying, I redo that challenge upon restart.

I usually also go for SA during challenge runs, unless the challenge in itself makes it impossible.


I’d say absolutely not (as in it is not unsportsmanlike). There are only so many hours in the day, and if you want your level mastery, and the rewards which come with it, by all means utilise your saves to get the challenges done. Sportsmanship be damned, you ain’t gotta prove anything to any other motherfucker.


Nah. It’s more akin to ‘Strategic’ in getting rewards faster.


Not really I did it a few hours ago after I accidentally reloaded a save game instead of overwriting a save.


I always do that at the start to get some quick unlocks.


This. It’s always fun to discover how much challenges you can put in 1 playthrough.


I did that on my first run of Club 27, and it was great. I guess with the limited time for the ET on Sgàil I’m just trying to master that level ASAP. I’m actually more interested in opening up other starting locations and than anything else, really… Do you even have access to other starting locations for the ET?


Starting from scratch, i managed to get to mastery level 16 in 1 playthrough without saves and loads on Paris. I was so dissapointed that i couldn’t get it to mastery 20, would have been sick.


Video or it didn’t happen.


What, for mastery level 16? Feels a bit shit since i cant reach 20


I think it would be a great thing to watch. Even just seeing a sequence of all those challenges being checked off after mission complete would be worth it. 16 or 20, who cares? It’s about figuring out to do many challenges at once and your run does sounds like it could be a benchmark at the very least!


Hmm maybe :slight_smile: Have to create a new account for that though, but im not so motivated because of the frequent crashes lately, haven’t even finished the ET yet.



Hmm? What is your problem now lol


The only reason I’m glad I started playing on console starting from HITMAN. Literally the only one, but it’s an important one.


I just realised, that Paris mastery run i had was routed in season 1. Now in H2, we also get additional xp for sa/so mastery for example.

I might get to mastery 20 in 1 playthrough now, have to go to the drawing board to make sure!

Edit: did some calculations, mastery 20 still not possible in 1 go :frowning:


I wouldn’t say unsportsmanlike as that would imply it’s some sort of competition with somebody else or that it affects another person’s progress :slight_smile:


It would probably be a long ass video, I’m too lazy to watch that :joy:.


Define long, would be less than 20 minutes, which i reckon is still faster than the average run of the average player :stuck_out_tongue:

But unfortunately mastery 20 on Paris is not possible, so i wont do it.