Is it unsportsmanlike to reload saves for easy Challenge unlocks?


I thought it’d be like an hour, I guess I forgot who I was talking to :joy:. Should have known you’d do it in record time.


114k xp is required to reach Mastery 20. Maximum you can get in one run (with only challenges) is like 80k. So you need 34k xp from other things like silent takedown, body hidden etc.
I don’t think it’s possible in one run.


And… We’re off-topic…


It’s not, not on Paris and Sapienza anyway. Could get to like 14/15/16 max in 1 go.

Edit: On the plusside, i do have a sub 15 min Paris mastery 20 strat hue


I know this a radical thought for some, but why not let people play the way they wanna play the game?


Who was hurt in completing these challenges in the way the user wanted to play the game?


It could be like the start of a new competition. Instead of speed or simple SA ratings, the question of who amassed the most XP in a single run!!!
Consider the potential!


Is that you attempting Dutch or just a typo? hue

Not that much potential, it would quickly turn into who has the patience to knock the most people out. I’ve had this idea earlier, but i might make some mastery speedrun guides for maps like paris, sapienza, marrakeshm bangkok etc. Still have the strats written down, and all of them are below the 20 min mark. Might be useful for people who want to quickly get mastery on a new account


Yes this would be useful as I haven’t re-mastered the S1 locations yet. I just got SA/SO to get the classic suit with gloves.


SA is imperative. You’ve to do SA/SO on Master with Sniper Kills to get the maximum xp. Without that, forget about winning hue


I had a sub 10 Hokkaido mastery 20 strat in s1 but didn’t record hue


Not per se. I did some calculations for Paris and opting to forego the SO and classics parts does allow to do all the challenges that require disguise changes, which in turn will amount to more xp than doing sa/so sniper.

SA/SO Sniper on master = 50k, Just doing the SA part = 15k. But you can easily make that up by doing the other challenges that require a disguise. For example doing the 3 mission story objectives is already 10k


Nice, i only got strats for the first 4 maps, then lost interest :slight_smile:


I do it so I don’t have to play through so many hundred of times, I mean, I might do that already, but I’d rather create a save near somewhere where I can accomplish multiple challenges, and then when I’ve completed the last one I can at that save spot, finish the level to bank the challenges. This is kind of why I preferred Hitman 2016’s release style, it gave me the time to really play out a level, complete everything, and by the time I was done, the next level was released. With the all at once release, I tried to complete as much as possible with each level before going on to the next, but eventually, I just ended up playing through each of the levels and a few of them I haven’t even gone back to yet. I am one of the few who really liked the episodic release style, it always gave me something to look forward to (besides ETs), so it kept me coming back. With the all at once release, now that I’ve played all the levels, I want to play my other games, so only the ETs really keep me coming back.


Attempt? I’m perfecting it! Ik spreek waarschijnlijk beter Nederlands dan gij :wink:

I’ve actually seen CJ do some challenge runs when he was streaming legacy pack for the first time. It was really enjoyable, but he did restarts and save-scumming (pardon the disparaging term, can’t find a synonym).

Didn’t happen!


I did some calculations also and it’s not possible cuz most of the discovery challenges can be done SO.
So the remaining discovery challenges + feats are not enough to make up for the lost XP.


-10000 points for using “gij”. Southerners smh


It’s generally unsportsmanlike to murder people, so I don’t think it’s a problem to reload saves. :smiley:


I did the Save Scumming thing only for gear I felt was essential for my playstyle such as the EMP charge, bombs, audio distractions…

After that I just play it straight. :slight_smile:


Same here, I don’t want to complete every challenge in two runs but I want to unlock some gear so I have options.


I mean, I use cheats to kill ET’s. Sooo no. Save scumming for challenges is just using your time effectively. I don’t think challenges add much to the game on their own without additional content, hiding unlocks behind those challenges makes the whole thing grindy and boring.