Is it unsportsmanlike to reload saves for easy Challenge unlocks?


The thing is once I have the gear I want, then I consider part of the joy of Hitman to be the “walking” and the “hiding in plain sight” part…So I play it straight.

For example whenever I’m in Landslide, and particularly when I pulled off the One Shot Water Tank Electrocution kill, I made it a point to act as if I was an actual attendee of the Miting de Avance.

This meant taking in the sights and sounds and being in the crowd, watching out for where the Target was even if I more or less knew where he was coming from… and then being in a blend spot to throw the switch to kill Abiatti.

What’s the climax without a little foreplay? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooh, since we’re dropping Dutch in my thread, kan jy 'n bietjie Afrikaans praat, Franz? Want ek het jou Nederlands redelik mooi verstaan daar! :wink:


Ik versta je heel goed OogGod! Ik vind het een mooie taal, dat Afrikaans. Het heeft iets schattigs. Veel mooier dan dat opgeblazen Hollands waar men vindt dat “gij” not done is. Ik kom uit België trouwens, en ZEKER NIET Zuid-Holland. Asjemenou!

To the people not following: just speaking the next dominant world language here, nothing to see!


LOL! Ek hoor jou, meneer!

One of my friends from South Africa actually moved to Belgium a few years ago and is living in Kortrijk at the moment. I visited him there last year and took a stroll through the town whilst listening to Amenra, a band that originated from there, and aside from your amazing beer, one of your finest exports to the world of metal! :slight_smile:

But I find it intriguing that you like Afrikaans? I’ve met a lot of Dutch folk who kind of look down on us and the language as they consider it “Baby Dutch?” :rofl:


Don’t take it personal. It’s what the Dutch folk do best :smiley: I actually get a similar treatment. Whenever I speak Dutch to a Dutch person, they reply to me in English as if they didn’t just hear I speak their language perfectly. Quite aggravating. I consequently force them into a French conversation.

Never heard of the band (the closest I ever got to metal was liking “Nothing Really Matters”) but I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Belgium!


I go into every mission blindly and complete them one after another like a normal campaign, then I go back and just try to figure out the challenges myself. When I get one I load the saves and chase another challenge. I don’t have as much time to play these days and I need every edge I can get during elusive targets, so I need them mastery unlocks :wink:


Oh je bent een Belg, dat verklaart een hoop :wink: C’est la vie!


Short answer is no, I mainly use this method for the versatile assassin challenges, get them all done in 1 hit. Some people may be against it but I don’t see it as cheating.


Lovely country. Bruinbier FTW!!! Man, it was hard coming home and realising I was gonna have to put up with super average beer again…


So, you’re Dutch, then? That also explains a fair amount now! :wink:


Agreed… I’m just concerned that by doing so I’ll eventually not play through the maps enough. I think I’d have enjoyed the episodic release aspect of Hitman more than 2 as a whole package. Gonna be interesting to see how they approach whatever comes next.


How im awesome and always right? :wink:


I was gonna say condescending, but yeah, whatever floats your boat! :rofl:


When someone makes a false statement, and i point out it’s false, is not condescending :wink:


I planned out the way I was going to do it, started with Hawke’s Bay and got to mastery level 20 on each before moving onto the next all the way through to Hokkaido. My second run through starting back at Hawke’s bay and was to complete all the trophies and classic challenges, I’m about halfway through that. Once that’s done I’ll do another run through getting 100% on the challenges on each level.

Works the best for me because by the time you get back round your ready to play that mission again!


Absolutely not. Challenges are not a competition, they’re just stuff for you to do and way of unlocking things. If you would rather combine 5 challenges instead of doing five separate playthroughs of a level for each, then that’s just you optimizing your time.

Mind you, Hitman 2016’s Professional difficulty had separate mastery levels and unlocks from the normal difficulty, and it forced you to complete the level before you got whatever challenge you were going for. You could not reload saves and do other challenges and get them all on a single finish. Routing became a thing of trying to figure out which challenges you could combine into a single playthrough. You could however, save the game before a target, kill them a certain way, finish the level to get the challenge, then reload the save and kill the target a different way for a different challenge.


No, stating a truth isn’t condescending, but stating a truth in a condescending manner sure is! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, just getting your goat here, pal; no hard feelings. :wink:


It’s your call. I typically do if the challenges are like ridiculously similar (poison a drink emetic v lethal).


I guess the Classic Challenges will still kind of force you to do playthroughs of the game in a specific manner, which is good.

But, yeah, I started getting fatigued with Paris after I tried to 100% it before moving onto the other maps. It wasn’t a bad decision to move on; now I’m eager to replay it all having learned everything I’ve learned so far.


That reminds me, with 2 there’s still the Master challenges, which appeal to me in a big way…