Is it unsportsmanlike to reload saves for easy Challenge unlocks?


You’re not competing with anyone for challenges. So I’d say not at all. Especially some of the grindy ones. I did all the ones that require tons of killing in Sgail together.


The day I game according to some made-up “rules” or how others play will be…a day that never arrives. The whole point of gaming is gaming your way.

There are times you’ve played a map so often, you just want to complete challenges to get them over with.


Yep… Like dumping 47 corpses into the sea… :expressionless:

Anyway, I’ve managed to knock a whole lot out of the park, and I’ve still got one or two cool challenges ahead that I want to crack by replanning the mission from scratch. I think my level mastery’s sitting at 18 or 19 now, so that’s great, and I’m getting the grip of it before I take on the ET later this week.

Thanks for the tips, fellas! Happy hunting!


Completed Showstopper in 3 runs, the picture displays the result of the second one. So satisfying. 109.000XP :smile:


Teach me, O Wise One!


Of course not. In the words of Captain Dozerman: “Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency.”. Nothing wrong with taking two steps forward instead of one.


Technically, it’s impossible to complete in three runs without reloading saves. For a start, there’s more than three assassination challenges for Viktor. Nice work though. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what I’m talking about and that’s what this whole thread is about…
I said that I played it in 3 runs, which included many reloads.


I’m just pointing out that your wording is misleading.


I thought that it would be obvious, because of the main topic of this thread. But anyways, I see your point.


I consider it somehow cheating however I do it all the time replaying Hitman 2016 because the Legacy pack makes you do it all over again and I just simply dont have the time to spend years in it (no matter how much I loved it). But if its the first or few first times playing a level I wouldnt do it, but again thats just me.


Imma put it like this:

Did I buy your copy of the game for you?
Even if I did, who am I to tell you how to play it?
As long as you enjoy the game, it’s all good.

You ain’t “cheating” as long as you are not using an exploit against someone else.

Honestly, exploitation is part of the way HITMAN works, just against the AI. Play how you want to play.


Personally, I don’t care how people play, despite the occasional comment I may make. Each to their own. The only thing that I’m against is leaderboard and leveling fraud. I play on PS4 though, so it’s relatively rare/non-existent.

Edit: One thing that I do hate at the moment is rage quitters in Ghost Mode. Concerning Sniper Assassin, I’m a pretty decent player, but it can be very frustrating when playing with an amateur, if I may say so. Having said that, I’ve met a couple or so pretty good Sniper Assassin players through matchmaking.

Edit 2: Would I “yank my cable” if I failed an ET? Probably, but not for competitive reasons. It would simply be for the unlocks which affect my personal experience. Fortunately, I’ve never had to resort to that. If I did that, I’d be honest about it. I also tend to watch guides for ETs before doing them. That’s just basic common sense for me.


Sorry mate :joy:



@doom-generation Nah, you’re one of the good players. You want to learn, instead of just trying to be Rambo. You have my respect. :grin:


Anyone that wants to be Rambo with a sniper rifle . . .

Or Sarah Connor at the Dyson home - they need to not play HITMAN at all.


In my opinion, no. I really don’t care if it’s sportsmanlike; I only care about gaining Mastery and unlocking new toys to play with, heh