Is possible for big contact?

With the 47 skill, what if the Organization has gave him a 1 contact kill that for eliminate 50 people at once map ? Is will consider mass morder or is still be silent assin?

Closest is patient zero where you just let a lot of people get infected. 50 would be tedious as hell, and would be nigh on impossible to get SA on it without it being super unreliable, or just having a lot of cheap isolations.
Either way, unless you bundled them all into a train to crash, it’d be pretty stupid if the police were like ‘oh 50 accidents, how unfortunate, let’s get the body bags’. more than 2 is generally quite stupid for authorities to shrug their shoulders like they live in Sanford Gloucestershire

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Hmm. Maybe have them follow 47 to the gondola (weapon chase trick), KO them, stuff them inside, then… Shoot the top of the gondola to make it fall(?) This sounds interesting enough to try. Unless it needs Yuki in the level to trigger a lockdown/escape sequence. :thinking:

The greater good…

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You could always do that in regards to gameplay, except you can’t actually get into the gondola to bundle people in there.

But having 47 people stuffed into one gondola that falls down, would raise some questions to what the hell they were all doing in there at once… unless the whole Gama facility was on fire and they were trying to evacuate and made it too heavy, but then you’ve gotta torch the place… I dunno, it just seems like too many people to pass off as an accident

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