Is the Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack an Add-On to Hitman 2 or is it a Different Game?

I’m asking as the Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack is the only way to buy the first installment of Hitman along with Hitman 2. I’m a perfectionist so I was hoping the GOTY edition would be within Hitman 2 so the add ons will be attached to the PS4 Hitman 2 trophies rather than branch off a new game under Hitman.

I appreciate that this does sound very nit-picky but I was hoping if anyone who has either bought the game or has the answer to my question will enlighten me so I can purchase the GOTY Legacy pack knowing it will 100% be filed underneath the Hitman 2 add on trophies so I can continue getting the trophies to attempt to 100% the game.

HITMAN 2 Gold Edition + GOTY Legacy Pack is the fullest game you can get.
I’m not sure, but seems couple of achievements and trophies have been removed from whatever Legacy Pack. It’s nothing to do here, you should just take it.

Nevertheless you can’t continue HITMAN 2016 within HITMAN 2.
Either way you have to unlock and achieve everything yet again from the scratch.
There is nothing to do here either. It’s just the way it works.

Seems that’s it

Looks like I missed to answer the main part.
Let me explain.

HITMAN 2016 is a standalone game.
HITMAN 2 is a standalone game.

(GOTY) Legacy Pack is the same as a standalone HITMAN 2016 game, but it works only with HITMAN 2.
That means if you want to play the whole HITMAN 2016 game with all the tweaks, improvements and mechanics that been made to HITMAN 2, you buy this thing and you will have HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2 under one roof, continuous journey to all 12+ locations.

Difference between GOTY Legacy Pack and Legacy Pack is:

  • Legacy Pack is only basic 6 locations from HITMAN 2016 with nothing more;
  • GOTY Legacy Pack will include all bonus missions and additional campaign (Patient Zero) + couple of outfits from HITMAN 2016 game

So Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack can only be played with Hitman 2 and theoretically the trophies should fall under the Hitman 2 game as its part of Hitman 2 and they are remastered versions of the first game; that’s how I see it anyways.

The maps and progress from Hitman 2016 won’t carry over to Hitman 2 when you buy the GOTY edition, if I’m correct in saying. The trophies will most likely fall under Hitman 2.


Yes, you got everything right.
HITMAN 2016 challenges and trophies won’t be touched and remain there, because you’ll play HITMAN 2 game and therefore all will be registered for HITMAN 2

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