Is there a cheater?

I barely even remember what this one was. But the leaderboards have been wiped since then regardless. This was probably a valid complaint in terms of possibility because they did add the disguises to the escalation later. I do remember destroying Sprut though.

jk mate. :wink:

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Dude. I didn’t even check the image link. Hence the confusion. HAHA. That is really funny. Now I especially remember destroying Sprut.

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You, people in the forum, probably already all know what this is all about, but for anyone discovering this thread, here you go:

  • SPRUT has been bannished by Valve Anti Cheat.
  • 13 hours played Hitman (2 / 2018), and the guy has world records all over the place (13 hours is about the time you need to complete the game in pro (silent assassin suit only), and maybe maximum start some levels in master).
  • no idea why his scores are still being shown in the leaderboard… IOI?

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sprut has no records on h2, nor 2016. never had, never will.


Yes he is on the leaderboards of H2. I think I have seen that name on leaderboards recently.

im afraid youve missed the point here, cus.

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A cheater in the Ghost Mode spotted.
Just watch this and explain how he doing all this stuff with no punishment otherwise.
Prudently hidden his nickname with those squares haha

It’s hard to say without whole game footage. He might have spent some time killing guards, while his score remained 0, for instance.

No, he didn’t kill non-targets.
I realized this too late to turn on the record earlier.
The video starts right after the targets’ kill that has a bodyguard. He killed the target right in front of that guard, and still scored an unnoticed kill, which is impossible basically. As you can see, I was there and saw everything he did. He shot a target with a regular loud pistol, and as you can see he didn’t cause panic. And never entered a fight, which is naturally, when you make illegal action right in front of a guard. And he wasn’t spotted in a PALLAS room, what you can see in the video. If he was spotted, he would’ve been running, fighting, etc. But he was in a calm state

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The recording starts with 1-3 score, which means some time passed already. Point is, what you have on your side and what he has are two different things. When you were doing your 1st kill, he might have just killed troublesome NPCs, so when you are worrying about being spotted, he can just run up to target and shoot him in face, since there are no guards on his side to spot him doing that.
Even if he was spotted in Pallas building, if there are no guards nearby, he doesn’t need to concern himself with being seen by non guard NPC.

Isn’t it a guard in the PALLAS room? Our first targets weren’t in this part of the map, so he hadn’t time to runaround and kill everybody.
IOI intentionally removed the mission timer in Ghost Mode (which I don’t understand why), so I can’t prove indeed, it has elapsed about 2 minutes since I hit record.
As I said, he didn’t kill non-targets at all. When opponent does, the backvoice informs you. But it wasn’t.
When he killed a target with a loud gun on 1:03, somebody would’ve heard it for sure. But nothing happened, and he scored another point

I know there is guard here, normally. As I’m saying what is on your side isn’t the same as what is on his side. Many speedrunners use explosions and loud guns, to make guards investigate and non guards to escape. So even he didn’t kill any non targets, he might have manipuleted them to go somewhere else. Unless you follow him and keep your camera on him all the time for the duration of whole match, I can’t say anything for sure.

I kept him in sight during the video. Have you seen there some action of his to distract somebody in this room?
More of that. Try to tresspass in this part of the map as he did. I would like to see what will happen to you afterwards. There are many people around. To kill everybody beforehand is impossible

But not all time. For instance you barely kept looking at him, while you were going into PALLAS room. Not to mention, he killed last target with unsilenced gun, which means guards won’t be at their post and instead investigating gunshots/dead body,

Already did when I was doing challenges in normal version of Miami. If you know how AI works and don’t care about end game score, it’s surprisingly easy.

You don’t need to kill everybody, Just kill enough to make guards too busy with body bagging.

Ok. I have nothing more to say.
It’s not our business to hunt cheaters. Let IOI themselves to investigate, I gave not perfect, I agree, but some information about

Only thing i can’t explain is why you would walk for the first 50 seconds of that video. Ghost mode isn’t roleplaying yo.


To see what he will do, and what will happen in general after he shot a target in front of a guard.
Normally you will be hunted and killed, but nothing like happened

Another cheater spotted in Ghost Mode.
Quite likely the same as before.


Judging by the fact he runs faster than you, I gotta agree here.

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