Is there a list of all complications?

I’m doing a HITMAN-styled adventure with my friends and I was thinking of rolling some dice to randomly select complications that could be applied before the mission starts, but I’d need a full list of complications to select from. Does such a list exist?

If you do a contract search you’ll see all of the complications available.

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There’s also some restrictions/complications that aren’t available in mere Contracts. Such as you’d see in some Escalations.

As for what those would be… They vary from Don’t drop X weapon after picking up, to hot disguises and find the switch to deactivate the minefield and more. :laughing:

Hack the computer without being spotted, don’t use X disguise, No (whatever method of kill), etc.

But I don’t know if you’re wanting to get that complicated.


Here you go, all available complications in contract creation mode

You can see it yourself after reaching exit point in contract creation mode, on a screen where you’ll see your targets. Just scroll to the right


You have a stalker… complication :smiley:

Says Malory Misfortune lol

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More complications are needed such as no running, no hiding, weapons can’t be spotted, explosions must hit an NPC, no damage, etc.