Is there a way to somehow reactivate the elusive targets?

Is there a way to somehow reactivate the elusive targets i mean somehow mod them in and if there is is there a guide?

No, there is no way to reactivate any Elusive Target.
Elusive Targets will be available in HITMAN 3, which launches on January 20th.
Make sure to have your copy of the game as soon as possible so not to miss Elusive Targets again


Technically there is a Way to Mod them in, if of course without a Timer or Briefing, though IO doesn’t want People to do that. So I advise, if you do it, keep it for your own enjoyment.

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I hope modders can do like IO did for HITMAN 2016 and mod all the ETs back into the game to be playable at anytime. That thing they’re there but you can’t play them nor unlock the other suits makes me so mad…

Note that even if modders will unlock those Elusive Targets, you’ll be able to play them exclusively in offline mode without any stats, unlocks and all other online advantages

yes and no if you die while playing one you know you cant play it again BUTTTT you can make a new account and play on that one