Is there no dedicated map button on pc?

Am I missing something here? It looks like I have to always open up the F1 key (default) objectives screen and click on the map tab every time I want to look at the map. Is there no shortcut to take me to the map straight away?

Can’t you look in the control settings yourself?

No there isn’t.

Yes I would also love if we could access the main map with a shortcut key… I can then turn the minimap off and use the big one…

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Obviously I did and couldn’t see anything which is why I posted here asking if I specifically missed something.

All right, good to know.

Same issue for the console guys. Wouldn’t be huge deal if the in between didn’t take so damn long.

Tell me about it. Since when do menus navigate at a glacial pace?

Since they went online and had to load up all the stuff/challenges you’ve completed. This is becoming a recurring theme with recent games :confused:


Then put the challenges in the actual game and not online… Duh

Plus does this mean years from now I will lose all my unlocks?

My map nd shooting pointer ain’t showing

Dude. This thread’s been dead for three years…

Have you tried looking through the gameplay section of the settings? If you have the map toggled off look for the option to turn it back on.

  1. Point shooting isn’t in the game.
  2. You can bind a key for opening the map in your settings.

In HITMAN 2 game - yes.
In HITMAN 2016 game - no

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