Is there still a point in playing Hitman 1 when I have Hitman 2


I have just finished 3 chapters worth of challenges (up to morocco). I also finished Colorado chapter Suit only challenge. But now I have read that progression do not carry over.

So is there still a point in me continuing to play Hitman 1? Or should I just continue my Hitman 1 adventures in Hitman 2?


Achievements on Xbox, that kind of thing maybe, otherwise compare and contrast the two games as they don’t play quite the same way.


Season 1 ET suits and all year Holiday Hoarders, but I think you’re better off progressing in Hitman 2.


I depends if you like to have fun. Because Hitman 1 is fun.


Is the subtext here that HITMAN 2 isn’t fun?


No? Why can’t both be fun?


When the question is “Is there still a point in playing Hitman 1 when I have Hitman 2” and the answer is “It depends if you like to have fun. Because Hitman 1 is fun” - the takeaway is that HITMAN is fun, HITMAN 2 is not.



I think you read more into it than there is.


Only if you don’t care about unlocks etc carrying over. Or if you don’t mind switching between games. It’s just handier and better playing all the maps as 1 game for me. I can no longer use the ET Hitman 1 suits I unlocked but oh well.


By the way guys, I am not comparing Hitman missions and Hitman 2 missions. I am just saying whether I should play my Hitman 1 missions in Hitman 2 or continue my Hitman 1 missions in my Hitman 1 game.

But I think I get the answer. Seems like it is just better to continue on Hitman 2. Sucks that my saves will be gone, especially considering the time it took for me to do this.


i think you should play your Hitman 1 missions in Hitman 2, After all , there won’t be any updates in Hitman 1 now and those previous ETs are unlikely reactived in Hitman 1 ,Ithink . So ,forget your HItman 1 unless you prefer the original version of Hitman 1…


Play hitman 2. You did not waste your time. You enjoyed the game. It is about the experience and the journey, not the result. You can complete your challenges again but this time in a much better and different game mechanics


As for me personally, I would’ve played H2016 first, and then replayed all the stuff in H2.
For now HITMAN 2016 is a lot much better then H2 if talk about mechanics, physics, almost lack of bugs & glitches, etc.
Hope someday soon H2 will become just as good.
But I’m sorely lacking all the H2016 game mechanics and physics in H2.
And I extremely doubt they will do it at least a bit like in previous game


2016 > legacy pack, that is all i can say.


Technically, but LP is bugged for now as well…


Hmm? Bugged or not, 2016 is better than the legacy pack


If you really mean that 2016 is better, then it was exactly my point


Yes 2016 > Legacy pack means 2016 is greater than the legacy pack.


That symbol is ambiguous to me :slight_smile:


If you do this in 2 then don’t be surprised if you get a crash-to-desktop. I found I preferred wandering around for a couple of hours investigating a map and knocking out guards along the way. In Sapienza after about 80 knockouts the Xbox just went to the home screen at a certain point, no error or anything. Also happens in Isle of Sgàil. Not fixed in the last patch. It might, though, be related to hiding bodies so perhaps a pile like that is going to be fine!