Is there still a point in playing Hitman 1 when I have Hitman 2


Im actually suprised at that, thought those symbols were pretty universal :slight_smile:

The symbol > means greater as. So 2016 > LP means 2016 is greater
The symbol < means lesser as. So LP < 2016 means LP is lesser than 2016
The symbol = means equal to. So 2016 = LP means they are equal.

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What, besides the bugs, makes the legacy pack worse?


besides the bugs, we’re missing a few challenges/unlocks, but that’s about it


Goddamn game mechanics


Besides the bugs? Well performance as a first, it runs objectively worse than 2016, especially on high-end rigs.

But a lot of small gameplay stuff was a lot smoother in 2016, for example being able to open doors right after detonating, grabbing stuff while dragging etc etc.


Audio lure devices are way better on 2016. In H2 they are almoust useless : the almighty Napoleon is one of the greatest unlocks on 2016, while on H2 is almost useless.
Same for mixtape, sadly.
And don’t forget how ioi downgraded the breaching charges. Things like these make me a bit upset.
I know there are some great unlocks on H2, but I was used way better with the 2016 gear.

Personally, I still keep the old HITMAN on my ps4: I’m not totally in love with legacy pack.

H2 is great, legacy is meh.


Oh yeah, I was greatly surprised when I saw just one piece of Breaching Charge.
Get used it was always 2 of them and even didn’t pay attention at first.
And when I was in game, I began to remeber where I dropped another piece… And then it turned out, it’s only one Breaching Charge in HITMAN 2. It frustrated and confused me


yes because hitman 1 is awesome and so is hitman 2. hitman 2016 on the hitman 2 engine has audio bugs if you press the remote for the fireworks you can see but cant hear the fireworks exploding on hitman 2 engine. but the original hitman 2016 game you can see and hear the fireworks. but IO remastered hitman 2016 on the hitman 2 engine and they did a good job. we have the best of both worlds play orginal hitman 2016 or play hitman 2016 on the hitman 2 engine. thanks IO :slight_smile:


Yes, the 2016 unlocks are definetly a bit worse on H2. But also, I personally find legacy pack pointless sometimes : I guess is cool to use suitcases and tasers on Paris, but Imo they don’t add so much to the 2016 experience, especially for players that used to beat the shit out of any level until few months ago.
Another examples are the pointless enforcers added to some maps just to justify the crowd mechanic : while is good for a map as Mumbai, I find instead useless for Paris.
Also, the bugs experied with the sauna of hokkaido and other things like these on other maps definetly ruin the general experience.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy any new mission from H2, but if I want to replay Sapienza or Hokkaido I definetly return to play 2016, even if the head turning is often broken.


For me, the biggest thing is the lighting. I HATE it.


hello EpicSides, ban evasion isn’t a good sign :<


In some ways yes. I guess another name for Legacy Pack is “HITMAN 2016 Special Edition”. That said, once I experienced the briefcase and all the new gadgets… I can’t go back to H 2016 anymore.

I’m the kind of guy who always embraces the future. :slight_smile:


Sure, briefcase is useful, new gadgets are cool :slightly_smiling_face:

Old gadgets got ruined though: the breacher, the napoleon. A lot of small gameplay stuff is far less smooth aswell like opening doors and quick loadout switches. Also the performance is just worse.

2016 pre summer patch > 2016 & 2018 > Legacy pack.

I’m the kind of guy who always embraces the best :slight_smile:


Like I said on another thread. You are the Gordon Ramsey of Assassination.


Im not that angry huehue


Neither is Gordon. :wink:


Spot on.
No fun on legacy when devices dont work.


HITMAN 1 is there for all the people who whine about wanting permanent Holiday Hoarders. Though the fact is they never touched the mission once after getting Santa 47 suit back then and may even forget they have the mission in HITMAN 1 if they kept it installed. :stuck_out_tongue:


The biggest, major changes seem to be…

Coin fetch doesn’t work… But you can just as easily drop and quick grab and lead the target along (if there’s nobody else nearby to also get distracted by it).

FEs only knock out when they explode.

‘The Big One’ no longer electrocutes in puddles.

Hand-guns seem to be harder to use to hit far away targets. Like shooting the virus from the ledge on the other side of the cave, or making objects explode (lawn mowers)…

And if you want to include the tweaked or bugged(?) trespassing system where you can still get SA if spotted trespassing, there’s that too.

I’ve already uninstalled it. The way I see it, every old mission, or what one would classify as the H 2016 game, essentially got an update, and there’s no looking back for me (personally).


I’m a whiner about no HH in the Legacy Pack (it was and still is a really bad decision to make it time-limited), and I used to enjoy doing no-restarts all-missions playthroughs of the entire 2016 game including HH to see if I could get SA in each level in a one-shot sequence, so I have to go back to 2016 for that rather than do it in the Legacy Pack. Some people arguing against the time-limited HH actually do play it, and while it’s still there in 2016 I don’t see how it would hurt anyone at all to have it permanently available in the Legacy Pack.