Is there still a point in playing Hitman 1 when I have Hitman 2


Well the only reason I can think of is that on the off-chance that the idea is we get HH on a different map every Christmas… having the Paris version be permanent won’t make much sense.

If you really loved this mission though and played it more than any other… then… I sympathize.


I play only Hitman 2 … i have deinstalled Hitman 1 but i have the whole legacy pack with the patient zero upgrade… andi play all the old missions in the new game. Dont know i like the second one a little more…dont know why


I don’t see the logic in that.


It will seem odd to future generations that a seasonal event has one edition that is permanent.


I deleted hitman 1 because the legacy pack has everything I want from it.

I’ve been playing legacy and I don’t really notice much different from what I remember except that it’s perhaps a little easier with the briefcase and the H2 mastery unlocks. I remember sniper assassins meaning you had to walk across a map with the rifle on your back and not be seen… now you just put it in the case.

I wasn’t keen on the legacy idea and thought I’d never use it but it’s SO good to have access to so many maps on demand. I waste whole weekends just running landslide or something :joy:


I still have season 1 installed for the simple fact I may return to it despite owning the legacy edition.