Isle of Sgail install issues

Okay, so I’m sure many of us have seen/heard the “get access” glitch in regards to IoS and some other expansion levels.

Here’s my issue: Under normal circumstances, I would just uninstall and reinstall, however, playing on Xbox One, IoS doesn’t show up on “Ready to install” and when I access via the Microsoft store, it doesn’t have an install/download option, only a “see offers” that redirects to the Gold or Standard version of the game.

I purchased the physical Gold edition, redeemed all of the codes, but after COMPLETELY uninstalling the ENTIRE game, I’m out of ideas on how go reinstall this level.

I reached out to IOI, Xbox support, and Hitman on Twitter and got no response.

Having paid so much, I would like to be able to play through my game, but primarily, I’m worried about missing an Elusive target or something.

Anyone have any ideas? To clarify, I’ve done multiple hard reboots, uninstalled the base game and DLC and reinstalled, and have verified that everything is stored on the same drive.

I just want to specify that Isle of Sgail is a basic location, not expansion.

Expansion levels are: New York (The Bank) and Maldives (Heaven Island).
Maldives due to release on 24th of September

Makes even less sense then. Should install from the disc.