It just isn't quite the same anymore (a gradual change of the series for better or worse some might argue)


As I near completion of the first big update to the IO Narrative Timeline I wanna bring up something that I didn’t realize til just recently with the soft reboot of HITMAN. Before I get into this I just wanna say that this isn’t me “sh*tting” on the series and complaining about what it is now, but it’s me facing a reality that the series that we know and love did change for better or worst some might say. This will be my opinion and with that opinion, I do expect people to disagree with me, but with that, I do ask that with people disagreeing with me to avoid this thread from becoming toxic. With that being said and done I will begin by starting with the original Hitman 2 or Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin was the first game in the series to really establish the Hitman IP. I say this because it was the first Hitman to be released on consoles and reworked how the game would play and was overall an innovator in the series. The map designs of every level were complimented by Jesper Kyd’s fully Orchestrated soundtrack which could be argued as the best in the series and would go on to be a commercial and critical success among the masses. Silent Assassin would have this mechanic which I loved in both Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and it’s Sequel Hitman: Contracts in which stuff was constantly happening and you’d have time things perfectly in order to infiltrate and exfiltrate missions and achieve the elusive Silent Assassin rating. The story did exist throughout the game which was 47’s first personal adventure and ended ultimately in 47’s failure, but him continuing his work with the ICA

In Hitman: Contract’s the game would polish everything that Hitman 2: Silent Assassin did and would adopt a grittier and moodier approach with a majority of the level’s having a bleak and dull mood being complimented by the night and it also raining. The game’s soundtrack again being composed by Jesper Kyd respectively and fitting the overall aesthetic of the game. Personally speaking Contract’s became my favorite in the series with it being a “BEST OF” in the series and with a lot of the levels being remakes. Contracts would also be the game which mastered both Camera angles with proper sizes for weapons, sway/camera bob, and gunplay with them perfecting the original Glacier engine.

With the release of Hitman: Blood Money which is argued amongst the masses as the best in the series when it comes to level design. The series would adopt a new engine for this game specifically and would have what I consider the worst Character Models in the series with them looking like polygons if you looked at them closely they were quite blocky. The series would establish weapon customization and a notoriety system which if the player had high notoriety the player would have complications among the levels. Hitman: Blood Money was intended to be the final game in the series.

Year’s would pass and with a failure such as Kane and Lynch 2 the series Square Enix wanted a new game in the Hitman Series. The game would be Hitman Absolution. Hitman Absolution would be the moody midlife crisis of the series with it adopting a narrative that was cinematic, forced, and linear. The game was to appeal to a new audience and with that led to the series losing its unforgiving gameplay adopting a terrible disguise system that was complicated by a cheat mode which was called Instinct Mode. Overall Absolution would become one of the heavily marketed Hitman’s among that being the controversial and sexualized Saint’s.

With the Hitman reboot both being Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 the series would go back to its Blood Money level design’s and would focus on replayability more than anything. The series would use an updated Glacier 2 engine and would use vibrant locations throughout the world. With that, the series would continue using Vibrant locations and would lose the gritty tone that the series had for a while now. I would soon notice the lack of bleak and depressing locales in the series with only bright and vibrant weather in and among the levels. The series would go back to its normal gameplay which fortunately appealed to both hardcore and new players alike. Collectively I have over a month worth of time with Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 spent and do enjoy the title and do think about how nice it was to roam around in depressing environments that fit the tone of the series really well and I do miss it to some degree.

I do hope we get more variety with the overall feel of the levels in the upcoming expansions with them at least acknowledging concept’s of rain and stormy weather, but one can only wish.


the title of this post is like super clickbait-y lol. but apart from that, i do hope we get some more active rain/snow maps. i know they want to avoid the lag it would cause for lower-end hardware, but H2 already needs a good machine, so why not?

but im not really sure what you mean here:

they already have “at least acknowledged” it with Hawkes Bay and Sgail


lol I realized the title. excuse it and Hawkes and Isles is mainly wind.


what do you mean mainly wind? in Hawkes Bay there’s the crashing waves, the moving clouds, and there’s even lighting in the clouds. in Sgail there’s the huge waves, as well


The waves are only for specific parts of the map. When it comes to rainy environments that can effect the entirety of the map excluding interiors excuse me for my lack clarity, but I don’t find Isle and Hawkes Bay’s notable traits being waves from the ocean when I’m inside an environment for a majority of the time.


I agree, I would love to have a stormy/rainy map added to the game, or maybe a snowy/blizzard map. I don’t feel like a more serious tone would really work for the game though because it has a lighter, more humorous tone, which I like, but I also like the darker tone Contracts had as well. Maybe Hitman 3 can go back to that more serious tone. One of the things I loved about Contracts was how it was such a dark game, that it was borderline horror at times, and it had an almost psychological vibe to it, which the soundtrack fit PERFECTLY. I don’t believe the series will ever go that dark again, however. The reason Contracts was so dark is because it literally took place in 47’s mind, which also explains the psychological vibes I mentioned.


I agree I see Hitman as a series that can hold the concept of dark humor. I just wish the current games would have more variety to it when it comes to overall lighting, weather, and just tone. I’m just currently burnt out over the bright and vibrant locations that both Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 have and with darker levels such as Isle and Hawkes Bay you can still see traces of it in the interiors alone. Though I like the aesthetic of Isles and it does yell Modern Aesthetic. Personally, I would have loved Mumbai a lot more if it wasn’t as Vibrant because when I played the level for the first time I honestly felt like I was in a mixture between Bangkok and Marrakesh.

And again @Mr.47 I agree with you again on the whole Contracts and 47’s psychology with the game serving as memories and how he saw them and how they contrasted with how we originally saw them in C47. Honestly, if they released SA and Contracts on modern platforms this thread wouldn’t really exist, but it’s just I wish we had more atmospheric variety rather then the same vibrant and calm environments.



Yeah,much prefer the current way of doing things.


I like the change, trust me if they released a blood money clone you would be disappointed rather than happy. Keep the series changing and we might find another great, if not better formula than blood money


and in Hawkes Bay, the clouds and wind literally cover the entire area (excluding interiors, like you said).
i think you’re really reaching here, man. but its alright, i miss the rain/snow effects too


it’s not so much about change, but having variety with the overall feel of the environment’s and what I’m saying about SA and Contracts on Modern Consoles is basically ports nothing new and crazy.


i guess i just miss this type of aesthetic for maps.


To be honest I agree, I feel no atmosphere in the new hitman games, the bright levels are cool but nothing compared to the darkness of contracts and I wish the soundtrack would go back to the orchestral awesomeness of hitman 2 silent assassin. I’m not asking for Kyd back but I wish Nielsen would build on the foundations of orchestra stuff like the Janus theme


This 100% for me too. Miami, Sapienza, Whittleton Creek etc., even Mumbai are just blending together for me visually, becoming a one goofy blur, bc of their same lighting and tone. I’m finding that i’m avoiding playing Miami, bc the outside lightning is genuinely unpleasant, overpowering and eye-straining. Other maps (excluding HB and IfS) have the same issue, just in slightly different color tone.

Maybe just taming that insane bloom would help to set off some variety, i feel like that’s the main perpetrator in this, bc it’s masking, what’s possibly already there (and i won’t stop hating on it). But i would still welcome more variety in weather. Colombia has some clouds that come and go, but the overall mood is still sunny and full of bloom.

As of right now, all of the the most fun and content-heavy maps have shiny, blinding skies, that are swallowing everything into their bright hazey mist.


This honestly seems ridiculously overdramatic


Dude, seriously, you don’t see those burn out white tones? I’m playing with my monitor set to 6% brighness, with blue light filter and all that stuff, and the lightning just hurts in certain locations.


Sorry,having a bad day . I see what you mean now


I need sunglasses its blinding.


they reaaaally need to just tone it down or turn it off. honestly feels like playing Absolution again


I think the whole Glacier 2 engine from Absolution to now just handled bloom poorly