It just isn't quite the same anymore (a gradual change of the series for better or worse some might argue)


Sgail reminded me of Kyd’s orchestral pieces imo. i really want the H3 menu music to be like H2:SA’s menu music. pls Niels :pray:


I loved most of HITMAN, but I too wish it would be at least a tad more serious, and take itself more seriously. The levels are cheery, people’s chatter are forced and bright, and it jokes about itself constantly. For most it doesn’t matter, but it seems to hamper the experience for me. I’ve never played Absolution but i’ve heard how over-the-top it was and I certainly don’t want to go back to that, but I don’t want to stay with such a happy feel for the series either.


If Niels goes full orchestra on us for H3 I’ll be happy. I think the problem with the soundtrack now is how different it was from Kyd’s soundtracks. Kyd’s soundtrack for every game he composed for in the series had its own identity especially when intertwined with the levels and with Niels it feels like the same tracks play occasionally in every level and you don’t feel as immersed or invested into it because of it.

Play any St. Petersburg level in Silent Assassin and it makes those levels great or even before you go on a new contract it’s just great and it provided identity to the games.


I’d say if given the opportunity play it so you understand some of the things people talk about when people have discussions. Absolution is not a bad game, but it’s the black sheep of the series. It has engaging gameplay, but it’s basically the game that appeals to a more casual audience rather then the hardcore players with it’s gimmicks


uh, im not sure i’ll like full-anything tbh. i like variety. even BM’s OST had a variety similar to Niels’ H2 OST.

but i do wish the “suspicious” and “combat” themes were different across levels. im ok with the mission accomplished theme being the same


Yes the new games are a lot sillier that the older ones, but people act like every single dialogue is a joke. Most of the dialogues are serious and the ones that aren’t never bothered me. Ok there were some really cringy ones in Colorado, but that’s the exception to the rule. Ironically the “serious and dark” Absolution felt a lot sillier in that regard with all bad guys cursing like sailors and making sex jokes.

As for why most levels are sunny and bright: That’s because people usually stay indoors when it’s dark and rainy. “World of Tomorrow”, everyone’s and their grandmother’s favorite map, wouldn’t be as great if the town was empty because it’s raining cats and dogs. Same with Mumbai, Miami, Santa Fortuna and Whittleton Creek. Yes, The Author takes place in Sapienza at Night and I think it’s the best Patient Zero map. But that’s because it’s a good contrast to the busy town during daytime. If we only had the empty Sapienza at night, it wouldn’t be as great.

So if you want to have a mission with bad weather it basically has to be a mission that takes place mostly indoors. And if you want to have a mission that takes place at night, it must be at a place that’s still populate with people doing stuff beside sleeping or guarding the place. The Ark Society is a good example on how such a map can work. Nightfall is the opposite.


Maybe the “answer” could be a middle term between these games’ atmosphere and Contracts’, with both “bright” and populated levels and darker, quieter ones. Same with dialogues and situations. The best from both worlds.


Hawke’s Bay and Isle of Sgai


HITMAN has always been gameplay over story and that’s cool. It’s the main part of the game after all, the tone of the narrative in older Hitman games have been a lot more serious and crafted out with a solid start middle and end. Be it over 20 missions on Silent Assassin or 12 on C/BM, there has been some sort of genuine closure and back story upon the game.

HITMAN didn’t and still doesn’t have this. As it is designed over 3 seasons from the pre-production, the story got dragged out and was extremely slow over the 6 episodes, with a tiny cutscene which were very vague in their own. As I said ealiler, the story isn’t the main focus but it is apparent that their is not a flow to it unlike the older games due to the episodic nature. A story is mean to set the reasoning behind the player’s motive and/or gameplay and if the pacing of the gameplay doesn’t fit well with the story flow, the player can feel like they have no “reason” to do what they are doing.

Hitman always had a bigger picture in the scenario with mini back stories for each target. And that hasn’t changed I’m happy to see.


I think the main issue is that successors have to always hit the bar of their predecessors in all features.

  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Mechanics/ Features.

So when you have for example, Customistaion is the last games, you EXPECT it to be apparant in the latest one. Considering Hitman is a game designed at the core for player freedom, the more mechanics that allows player to pick and choose their loadouts, play around with a multitude of attachments, weapons and gear would vastly increase the replayability of the game.

Instinct Mode is a good addition because it’s an additional feature, but not needed, and optional for players.

I do agree with the atomsphere and environmental weather. I do hope to see it with different settings.



I adore the 2 new Hitman games but boy do I miss the atmosphere of contracts.


I do like dark missions for sure, but there’s a nice juxtaposition to killing in broad daylight. Dexter Morgan put it well,

“There’s something disarming about seeing a crime scene during the day, it’s like Disneyland: Dahmer edition.”


you and rattleshnake hit the nail on the head. honestly i love the bright levels we’ve gotten, i find no problem with them atmosphere-wise. but Contracts is still my fav Hitman game, and i’d love to see them try to bring back the edgy/somber Contracts feel in a few levels, even just 1 will do.


There is plenty of middleground to have between bright and sunny x rainy and dark. But most of main maps rn, those with most freedom outside, are sun galore:

Paris kinda, Colorado, Hokkaido, Sgail, Hawke’s Bay - variant weather (or rather just different time of the day), but one of them is a small, restricted tutorial map, two of them are almost entirely indoors, and one is… well, Colorado.

Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Miami, Colombia, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek - all but one are proper street roaming maps, but all of them are also bathed in sun.

I just want one full street roaming map with gloomish weather. I wish for some future eastern/central european location, bc some medium fall/spring gloomy mood would work ideally for these streets. Historical city centres are still full of people even in bad weather. I wish, people would stay indoors, when the weather is bad, so i could run my errands in the city in peace and without pushing through tourist crowds, but they really don’t, they are resilient bunch, so i don’t see a problem there in that aspect.


To those complaining about how bright some of the levels are… There is a setting in options where you can set the gamma level. I came across it a few days ago. It says to lower it until the barcode is barely visible… Well, I lowered it all the way and it never got dark enough. But anyway.

I did play around in Miami, around the motel. While trying to sleep I couldn’t help but to think of a night mission set around this area. IO could restrict the areas that are normally open in the normal mission (during the day) and add some content to this area. Like inside the motel. I did think that there could be a roof-top party, but also make an inside area with rooms and guests.

Now, having read some of this topic… Another thing that could be done is have this at night, but have it raining (perhaps a hurricane is near?). Maybe a bit reminiscent of the Terminus Hotel level from Absolution. So no roof-top parties. But (in either scenario) there should definitely be some cocaine (theme) involved in the level. Also, Lamborghinis.


IMO Mumbai has the most palpable and intense atmosphere in the whole series. Hitman 2: SA is the game that’s missing it for me.

Also, the first, third, and fourth games had next to no story, and claiming they had more narrative than the new game is nostalgia-glasses city. Go replay them.