Item types, but selectable 'skins'

It didn’t look like this topic had been made before. Or I’d be necrobumping a similar topic.

For the purposes of saving item category space; I propose the following.

For items in your inventory (when selecting them for a mission)… For example; you have 3 different lock-picks. Each one functions the same. So why not just display 1 lock-pick, but perhaps pressing another key/button while said item is highlighted, you can choose any of the other skins for that item.

The same could be done with other items that behave in the same way. Like any knife related item where 47 would either stab in the stomach or shoulder, or perform a throat slit… These “types” of items would be in one slot, then their skin could be selected in a similar way.

Perhaps this could work like a vertically expanding or drop-down menu when highlighting items along a horizontal menu.

It seems like you could do this with the fiber-wire too. But have the measuring tape, fishing-line, and quick-draw as sub-items (e.g. “Skins”) of the fiber-wire.

Some of the guns could be done this way too. Like the silenced ICA and ‘Baller’ guns. But a good number of them are not that similar - so they’d need to be listed by themselves.

Another idea is to set favorites… Or maybe the ability for an inventory customization.

Then again, I could see how this system might get confusing.

Yet, what about selecting more than one (say) emetic syringe? Well, things already selected will say ‘Currently in Use’. Maybe make that specific item grayed out, or more reddish (like; Stop, or to show it can’t be selected).

I’d appreciate to hear what anyone else thinks about this, or maybe you have a similar or better idea of how to minimize the item selection/inventory. :slight_smile:

Or maybe it’s okay the way it is now…?


So the FIRST lockpick you earn whichever way you can earn it is referred to as a “Lockpick”, but any other lockpick you earn afterwards is just called a “Lockpick skin”.

Hmmm…I can see that working.


Yes this would definitely improve the inventory screen quite a bit.

I suggested something similar as part of my “Essentials” Mastery Track -thread. I definitely like it.