It's been a while

Hey! I’d like to start by apologizing if this type of post is against the rules, it’s been a while since I’ve last been here.

Many of you probably remember me for being really active in the forum a while ago, and one day I suddenly “went dark” and never really used the forum again. I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while since the forum was an important part of my life and I’m doing this to get some “closure” on it.

I used to be really passionate about speedrunning and playing HITMAN back in the day, but when Hitman 2 came out that just changed, not saying the game was bad (it was great), I was different and that chapter of my life had ended.

I reached a point where I can say I was a bit addicted to the game and it wasn’t doing any good for my mental health so I needed to stop and get back to my real-life a bit, so I just stopped playing, since I had spent hours and days playing and I felt it was enough. One thing that also really discouraged me
and made me lose some of my motivation to play the game was that a really good Hitman player that I really looked up to (not gonna say who, as respect for his privacy) got in an argument with me for a really stupid reason and after that, I just wanted to get away from the community a bit.

The reason I’m writing this post is that I had lots of friends here at the forum and I just suddenly left without saying goodbye so I figured I wrote this to let you know I’m alive and well, I’ve been pursuing other interests lately such as drumming (I have a YT channel with drum covers, let me know if you wanna check it out) and Hitman just isn’t a part of my life anymore, at least like it used to be.

Thanks a lot to everyone I met during my years in the forum and made this a great experience for me!