Its kind of a bummer buy silver or gold edition withouth knowing the content!


I want to buy te Gold Edition of Hitman 2… its on sale on the PS Store. But the thing is, should I really buy it?!

According to the description the Edition includes 2 packs that with “new Location, Missions, Sniper Map, Outfits and Weapons” … But thats it. I dont know what I am buying… I dont know when they are gonna release those maps!?! Maybe its better to buy a “definitive edition” in the future that includes all of that and i can see what I am buying.

Maybe I dont have all the info… asking money for something like this feels like scam or a big bummer.

I know that is IO Interactive. Its not a small time crook… but at least hey should give more info…


Just buy the standard edition and get the expansions later if you feel like it, that’s what I did.


I dont think you can buy the expansions separately… at least for now.


You will be able to when they come out, guaranteed.


Pretty sure you can! From within the H2 menu somewhere.


Current sales price on PSStore are
34.99 for standard edition
49.99 for Gold edition
39.99(not sales) for Expansion pass (2 extra maps promised)
I doubt it will be discounted under 19.99 anytime in the next two years.
So, it’s kind of a leap of faith :stuck_out_tongue: If you trust them to deliver good enough content in the upcoming expansions pack , pay 14.99 more and go for the Gold edition now!!Otherwise play the standard but keep in mind that if you’'ll get excited for the new levels,it might cost you a bit more to play them on release.

P.S.I got my Gold Edition day 1 for 69.99 because I just loved Hitman GOTY ,even though I bought it late at last February.I still believe IOI will offer us something amazing in the new maps!!


like i said… its IO its probably be quality content. But still it tastes like buying with a blindfold


How is that buying blindfolded?

Standard edition gives you access to the main 5 maps+tutorial
Silver gets you the same + 1 expansion pack
Gold gets you 2 expansion packs
Each expansion has a new map location, new sniper locations, new bonus mission(s) and items
You can even buy standard + the expansion pass which gives you both expansions

If you dont want to get an expansion now then get the standard edition. You’re not obligated to buy something you dont know anything about.

If you’re familiar with Hitman and you trust that the expansion will be worth it then you get an edition with the expansion pass. If not, you can wait until the reveal and get it then.


And just announced a few hours ago, Gold edition owners can now get the Collector edition DLC package for free soon, another amazing reason to buy it.

I bought it full price day one and no regret at all!


For full clarity:

Standard Edition - All season 2 maps (Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek and Isle of Sgail)

Silver Edition - Standard + ICA Executive Briefcase, ICA Black Lily (Blackballler) and Expansion Pack 1

Gold Edition - Silver + Expansion Pack 2, Midnight Black Suit and Collector’s Concussion Rubber Duck

If you just want to play Season 2, get the standard edition. If you want the extra executive content and maybe the first expansion pack, get Silver. However, if you want a bunch of ingame goodies and the expansion maps, definitely go for Gold. It’s expensive, sure, but you’re getting a ton of content for it.

I’ve gotten the gold edition and so far I’m happy with it. Can’t wait for the expansion packs.


i know that… but i need to know what I am gonna get … Expansion pack 1says it ads a new location … Is it really new or its like the previous one … Like Miami during night.


One reason for not knowing or being able to know is that any upcoming content might not actually be completed yet (obviously). So, if IO were to say we’re definitely going to get ‘X’, then something doesn’t work out, or they decide to change something so that by the time they release it and we’re given ‘Z’ - people will wonder what happened to ‘X’ or just complain.


I never ever understand comments like this (and sorry I know I’m late to the party) they have outlined exactly what you’ll get in the expansions, its clearly listed. Why people would want anymore information than what they’ve already detailed is beyond me? surely that adds to the excitement doesn’t it? We know we’re getting new locations, weapons, outfits, sniper missions etc. etc. so lets keep the hype until they announce the release etc.


It clearly states a new location. New location = new location, if it was a bonus mission they would’ve said so.


A new location means a NEW location as in a NEW destination, not a bonus mission or a reskin mission