It's too bad you can't have custom contracts in **Freeform Training**

I’d take it over an escalation or challenge pack any day

I don’t care for escalations either. I do the ones that will yield a reward. Thankfully they don’t have to be competed SA (most of the time). I did get SA on few of them though.

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Yeah, probably in the coming months. See you in at least 8 weeks.

Kev I love you mate :joy:

Sean 2 escaped us and I am depressed.

Or here, @KevinRudd? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah nice, I forgot a thread specifically existed for this. Damn shame it hasn’t happened. I’ll try ask IO again about it in the IO Monthly

So, does this mean we don’t know the names of all the NPCs in HB, like we do on most other maps thanks to Contracts Mode? Or has someone data mined or some such?

We know from the expansion leaks that all NPCs have names, even the ones in the sniper missions; but I don’t know if anyone’s ‘leaked’ the HB NPC names… I doubt anyone’s bothered to do it since we’ve been able to play Hawke’s Bay from the start, no one would have thought to look into its files

UPDATE from May’s IO Monthly: Travis on Contracts mode for maps that don’t have it -

I would like to think so… Some of the GOTY missions don’t have them, Hawke’s Bay doesn’t have them… I know in the past when we released the GOTY missions, they didn’t have contracts mode to start with, players asked for it, and we enabled it on one of them… on the one that we could, yeah. In theory it’s possible to do it on another one, it’s just a matter of taking the time for the priorities. We say that so often only because it’s true. Finding the time to do something that seems relatively trivial, not only could-- it could potentially take a bit longer, it could spawn bugs that need to be fixed, and all of that time that is taken from people like the QA team, the testers, whoever else, is then taken away from other content that we have to do. We can’t do all of it, but it’s something that in the future I think we could expect to see, yeah.


UPDATE: We did it, fam

Undetermined date in July, here we come!


Small Final Test with loadout.

I bet the usual Final Test contracts on the trending tab are sweating now.


So, now it’s been over a month, were the naysayers right or wrong? Was it mistake to give Hawke’s Bay contracts mode?

  • It was a mistake, we have to go back
  • It was a good thing to give HB contracts mode

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Ofc it’s a good idea. But without a 2nd exit I will still never play a contract on that map


Indeed, we should all join in your boycott. In fact I will not play it either until we get the car exit, you read me, IO?!?!

I actually will still play Hawke’s Bay tho, but pls add that exit, for real, it’s literally already programmed from The Politician


It was definitely a good thing, I’ve already played a few, and they were not as bad as I thought. (given the size of the map)
However, I do miss the patient zero maps for contracts mode. I hope IO will consider to put them in…

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Always a good thing to have extra content available in a game, IMO. Even if I wouldn’t personally play it (which I’m not saying is the case here), someone will.

Agree that a second exit and Patient Zero Contracts are the next steps. Hokkaido PZ has the potential to be super challenging if the contagion mechanic is still active…

It wouldn’t be, it would ruin a lot of contracts if all of a sudden a deadly virus infected you and the NPCs

I think Freeform Training should be done before The Author and Patient Zero, since it’s a map which doesn’t have Contracts at all :wink:


I mean, a variable that “would ruin a lot of contracts” is something “super challenging,” right? Think we’re seeing the positive and negative side of the same coin. I personally would love contracts with the virus in play, it would definitely present a different challenge from any other level! If you wouldn’t enjoy that, fair enough, just play on normal Hokkaido :slight_smile:

I’d like Freeform Training contracts, too! IO, give us contracts on every level, please!

I suppose you’re right in that the only thing different between the two variations (besides the lighting and the section of the surgery area) is the virus, but in order to stop the virus you have to kill the people carrying it, so that would mean any contract that takes more than a minute would have non-target kills; and if they were made targets, then that would just make every custom contract an almost repeat of the Patient Zero mission itself; this is why I believe it would not work in custom contracts.

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That’s an interesting point, however there are ways to stop the virus spreading. It would make Owen Cage almost a mandatory target in every contract, admittedly, unless they added a feature to choose an original infected person in place of him (including the ability to make no-one infected which would make it appeal to you and people who think the same as you) to make it more varied?

If they let you choose virused NPCs then they may as well let you choose NPCs in contracts mode with other less impressive special features, like resistant to lures, or have two generic bodyguards following them around, etc

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