It's too bad you can't have custom contracts in Hawke's Bay

This elusive target shows there could be a way to do it, maybe by having a choice of what kind of NPCs inhabit the area. There could be an option for people on the beach, people always in the house, and the regular mission NPCs.


I think for the custom contracts this level is too small.
For giving this location custom contracts IOI should expand and improve it.

And well, this is a training mission. We don’t have custom contracts in ICA Facility

Actually we do have custom contracts in ICA Facility. Look at the current featured contracts.


Do you take them as a real contracts? I don’t.
This is only a training. Limited possibilities and all kind of stuff

Even if it was just normal contracts mode it would be fine. Just start it after the NPCs arrive and give us a couple start options and maybe the car as a 2ndary escape.


I was actually going to make a post, saying we should make some noise and call for it so IO has to respond and maybe actually do it!

Take Nightcall and start it as Alma walks in the door. Make it so the boat guards start further down the beach and arrive at the boat after about 60 seconds (Therefore you can still have boat as a starting location), keep the office location as is since that’s where you are when Alma walks in the door currently, allow the car exit if you get the keys.

No, there won’t be as many possibilities as other maps, but if they can do the bloody fake Cuba facility, which has even LESS NPCs *only ten more NPCs, then I think they can do it for an ‘actual’ mission on a really pretty map :heart_eyes:.

You could make a contract where you have to machete beach guards and drag them into the shrub, you could make one where you have to drown all of them in the water, or one where you start in the office, head upstairs and snipe them then escape via car… just give us the bloody option, IO! Would take so little resources on their behalf, and give that map actual replayability


Is there really less NPC’s than the Cuba Facility? I haven’t counted but I suppose you’re right now that I think about it.

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No, read again, the Cuba facility has less

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Sorry, that’s what I meant to say.

Playing the elusive target really made me realize how this could actually be a really fun mission for contracts mode with just a few tweaks. Starting with all the guards already there is one as well as making it so you could escape in a car (having car keys on the table like in that mission would be fine). Find it a bit sad that the elusive mission had some elements that even the main one didn’t have (multiple disguises, multiple exits)


It really is that simple, they’ve essentially already done the work, I don’t know why they won’t just do the last couple things to enable it on the menu etc :S

Honestly I feel like they should just get rid of the boat guards if Hawke’s Bay were to become a contracts map. They don’t add a lot to the mission unless it’s part of the tutorial.

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If they added the car keys then the big guards wouldn’t even matter

I think when everyone talks about adding the keys it’s implied that the 2 exits would be players choice.

Playing the ET made me realize the map feels way more limited than I expected when you start with a house full of patrols.
I don’t see much potential in it anymore tbh. It would need a severe rework with pipes to climb and alternative routes. Also luring guards is very inconsistent because of the small area that houses several guards on 2 floors.

I don’t see much potential in the Cuban mission but they still have that. :stuck_out_tongue: Besides we could see the creativity of people who make contracts.


Yeah but that at least has a bigger total area for the building and multiple entry points to multiple floors :smiley:
But yeah, add it to contracts mode, the more maps, the better.

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Yes I do. Creators can ALWAYS put difficult or downright grindy stipulations on things.

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So do you think IO is ever going to do it? If not for Nightcall, are they waiting for a re-skin mission of HB to add in contracts mode for?

It’ll come as soon as they think they need it. Maybe when nothing else is ready to “wow” us with.