James Bond's New Handgun

So, IOI are making the new 007 game, and along with it, since this is a new origin story, it will see the debut of a totally new James Bond. I believe part of that new identity has to be a change of Bond’s signature firearm.

At each stage when Bond has been re-invented or reintroduced, he’s been given a different signature firearm. The handgun is to Bond as the Batmobile design is to Batman. It’s a statement of identity.

When Bond first appeared in the novel his handgun of choice was a Beretta 418.
For 007’s first film outing in Dr. No, James was issued a Walther PPK which became something of a trademark.

He’s never been seen without a Walther ever since. The Brosnan era saw Bond upgrade to a Walther P99 which has seen continuous use through to the Daniel Craig run.

But if IOI’s Bond is going to make its own mark, then this Bond has to have his own gun. Paging @badeaguard because I think he could thrive in this green field space.

In my view, I think I’d be happy to see IOI’s 007 using a SIG-Sauer P320 due to its prominence as a high performance handgun and its design bent towards being ready to accept military modifications.

What about for you guys?


I’ve never noticed that about Bond, very interesting

Unfortunately as a Brit tho I have zero gun knowledge so can’t comment seriously… so I’ll vote El Matador


Think they should remove the Trinity Pack Blackballer from HITMAN 3 and include it in Project 007 just for the badeaguard lulz.


Whilst I’m all for innovation, I would be concerned about IOI straying too far from the recongised and beloved iconography in their first Bond game. Since it looks like they will be creating an original story - perhaps without the likeness of an existing Bond actor - it’s important to have these symbolic links to ensure fans know they are playing a Bond game rather than something more generic.


I don’t need a new pistol. The Walther PPK will do. Maybe with a mark II logo.


I think IO sneaked a little peak at that weapon. First thing it came in mind was this particular weapon because at first look it reminds of a PPK.
This one was shown in the briefing for the Undying elusive target. I guess it’s the Bartoli but looks pretty close.

I hope for something classic and I’m sure as hell I’m going to try and replicate it.


For me the question is if it even includes real weapons or original designs.


Nice thread. I’d like to mention the ASP that was used by Bond in some novels (not Fleming ones though) and was basically created for concealed carrying by special agents.


I think that Io will have zero options on this. Bond carries a walther historically and during the Brosnan* era (maybe even before) this became a commercial product placement deal just like his Omega watch. So my guess is EON will tell them which gun to either use or make a “non named” copy of if there is no deal for placement of the firearm in the game (think the PP7 as a stand in for the PPK in goldeneye).
Edit: that said money talks and maybe in the new bond movie bond switches to a new firearm. Which would make me sad bc the walther are great!

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“You believe in Jesus?”

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That one looks a bit like an earlier series Beretta 8000 Cougar.

I think another good candidate would be a Glock 26.

Chambered pretty much like its larger Glock brethren. Able to use accessories across the same range, but is very small and appears practically invisible under clothing.

@Urben does raise a point. We don’t know if this game will have licenced weapons. But I guess that’s down to what kind of mileage IOI gets.

However, both HITMAN 2 and the last 007 games do feature models of real handguns (see: Mark Faba’s Beretta Cougar above) albeit the names are fictionalized.


Basically what “Bartoli” handguns is.

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Fixed; thanks. I had a good laugh though.

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When Roger Moore took over the role of Bond, he wanted to separate his identity from Sean Connery by having 007 carry an S&W Model 29

If IOI want to make a similarly bold statement, perhaps we can recommend the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan - the smallest handgun chambered to fire a .454 magnum round known to kill a bear with a single shot - as well as potentially breaking your wrist afterwards.

“With delivery like a brick through many plate glass windows, 007”


Interesting story about how Walther PPK ended up as Bond’s signature weapon (Source)


The Beretta 418 is also known as the favourite pistol of James Bond. In the James Bond novels his pistol is described as having a skeleton grip (i.e. grips removed - frame only), and either a threaded barrel to support a silencer or completely sawed off barrel.

When Ian Fleming wrote the first of the James Bond novels, Casino Royale, he had no idea the direction in which the stories would go, let alone how many he would eventually write. So when he introduced, Bond as using a Beretta 418 in a flat chamois leather holster he probably didn’t think too much about it. He had used such a gun during World War II when he was in Naval Intelligence and felt it was an appropriate sidearm for a secret agent on an undercover mission.

Shortly before the publication of From Russia with Love in 1956, Fleming received a fan letter from Major Geoffrey Boothroyd. Boothroyd was a retired Army Major and gun collector. Boothroyd told Fleming that he really admired the Bond novels apart from the hero’s choice of weapon. He felt that the Beretta 418 was “a lady’s gun” with no real stopping power. He also objected to the choice of holster. Boothroyd proposed that Bond should use a revolver like the Smith & Wesson Centennial Airweight. It had no external hammer, so it would not catch on Bond’s clothes. The Smith & Wesson could be kept in a Berns-Martin triple draw holster held in place with a spring clip which would increase Bond’s draw time. Boothroyd also had bad words about the silencer Bond occasionally used, saying that they were rarely silent and reduced the power of a gun.

Fleming replied, thanked the Major for his letter, and made a few points. He felt that Bond ought to have an automatic pistol; perhaps Boothroyd could recommend one? He agreed that the Beretta 418 lacked power, but pointed out that Bond had used more powerful weapons when the need required, such as the Colt Army Special he uses in Moonraker. Fleming also said that he had seen a silenced Sten gun during the war and the weapon had hardly made a whisper.

Boothroyd recommended the Walther PPK 7.65mm as being the best choice for an automatic of that size, with its ammunition available everywhere. He suggested, however, that 007 ought to have a revolver for long-range work. Fleming asked Boothroyd if he could lend his illustrator Richard Chopping one of his guns to be painted for the cover of From Russia with Love. Boothroyd lent Chopping a .357 Magnum revolver that had the trigger guard removed for faster firing.

Fleming had the silencer of Bond’s Beretta get caught in waistband of this trousers at the end of From Russia with Love, an event that almost costs the secret agent his life. In the next novel, Dr. No, a certain Major Boothroyd recommends that Bond switch guns. Bond argued unsuccessfully that because of the silencer the incident would have happened with any kind of gun. Boothroyd also recommends that Bond should stay away from silencers. Bond is issued a Walther PPK but is told to carry it in a Berns-Martin triple draw holster, which is designed only to carry revolvers. This is an odd mistake given that Fleming had bought such a holster and had it sent to Jamaica.


You know what… let’s tag @Travis_IOI … Maybe something great will come out of this… you never know guys. :slight_smile:

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An amazing story that one! :slight_smile:

Would be interesting if IOI go with this logic that Bond uses a different gun for different kinds of work.

He might keep a personal arsenal for example.

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They better have PPK in the game. Or it will be the Blackballer saga all over again :rofl:


I’d say a happy medium would be that Bond uses new guns in this game that previously weren’t associated with him like the G26, the Alaskan, etc. But that the unlockable collection includes the PPK, the S&W Asp, the Beretta 413, Walther P99…

I mean, 007 is the perfect franchise with an excuse to indulge in massive levels of gun p0rn.

Capcom have certainly long understood this, and it didn’t go away even for RESIDENT EVIL 7:

IOI have a golden opportunity here, so I hope their licence allows them to take advantage of it. I’ve long argued that 47 had reached this league long ago. But of course Bond has a higher profile with the general public.

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