January 2019 Roadmap


This is one for @Travis_IOI he’ll sort the wrench issue out


Game is still so broken though


Just got the fishing line unlock, the challenges weren’t too time consuming or difficult thankfully, I like it more than the measuring tape.


i haven’t got to play today yet, what’s better about the fishing line?


It’s nicer



Nothing except being more cool and better looking than the measuring tape or the original fiber wire. Still wish that in place of the hook it had the Hitman insignia as an ornament.


It looks nicer when 47 wields it, it has a nice “dangling” animation when you move as well.



I like how the fishing line is obtained in the finish line. There’s some poetic justice in there.


I unlocked the measuring tape today and I have to say, it really sticks out – in a bad way.
The render truly feels unfinished and looks like some third party modded it into the game.

The Three Headed Serpent was in 47’s hands all along :open_hands:


Update/Patch is coming in the last week of the month. This was mentioned/confirmed in the IOI livestream today


It’s not that bad:


Then that is the time when we can get the mask tuxedo with driving gloves as well as an expected-to-be-special wrench.


Where i can find record of live stream from 11th of january? Missed this.



Anyone heard anything more about when the update will drop? I want my wrench :heart_eyes:


I’ve heard the 22nd, and “The last week of the month”

So take from that what you will