January 2020 Content Calendar

Not what we’re used to but it’s still relevant!


Glad to see they’ll do an IO Monthly still.

Also, nice curator yo.


HITMAN 2 – January Content Calendar

Welcome to a new year, a new decade and a new way to get your monthly information on HITMAN 2 content!

In 2020, we’ll be focusing on Featured Contracts, Elusive Target Reactivations and Curated Contracts for our HITMAN 2 live content. Our IOI Monthly livestreams will continue as well, with updates and insight direct from the IOI Team. You’ve probably also noticed that we’ve not called this the ‘January Roadmap’, that’s intended to reflect the changes in content and to make it easier to discuss the content, i.e we already have a January Roadmap from 2019.

Here’s your breakdown of this month’s upcoming content:

Featured Contracts;
We’ve hand-picked 11 Contracts from the Official Submission Thread on Hitman Forum and they will be added to the game for everyone to play on January 9th. This month’s theme was ‘Stay Frosty’ – but don’t expect to spend all of your time in Hokkaido. There’s a good mix of locations and targets for you to enjoy.

Elusive Target Reactivation;
The Undying returns is back! We’re starting a full reactivation of all HITMAN 2 Elusive Targets, starting with the very first one: The Undying! For 10 days, Mark Faba will be in Miami and available to play for anyone who ‘missed’ him the first time around. If you’ve already completed or failed this Elusive Target, your record will stand and the contract will remain closed.

Curated Contracts;
In addition to Featured Contracts, we have also got a community curator lined up to pick some of their favourite contracts and have them included in the game. We’ll also be giving them some room on the blog to tell us why they chose the contracts. The first Curator will be MulletPride, a regular name amongst the Hitman Community.

IOI Monthly;
Your monthly look behind the scenes at IO Interactive will continue in 2020 with more developers, more insight and updates from the studio. January’s episode will include a new video in our ‘Meet the Team’ series and we’ll share the February Content Calendar. Tune in to Twitch or Mixer on Mixer on January 30th!


nice to see curated contracts again


Interesting to see we’re still getting IO Monthlys (or Monthlies?). I’m not sure what they could talk about, other than current video projects at IO (aka Meet the Team videos) or maybe occasional updates on the development of the three-quel.


They were going to play some game on last stream, but they had so excited with other stuff that they ran out of time.
So maybe they could play on next stream(s).
I wish they played some Elusive Target, but by the time of the next stream Mark will depart


This is the most interesting thing. This would also have been a cool idea for the featured contracts in the past. Not as a way of justification, but for the thought process behind the selection.

Calling featured and curated contracts “added” content to the game sounds wrong though. Those contracts do exist in the game already. It’s only a means of highlighting them (and adding some cross platform availability).

I’ll just wait for Hitman 3 now as I deleted 2 some weeks ago, but I’ll try to follow these updates irregularly.

This is 66% false on the average.


So what exactly is the ‘twist’ that makes Curated Contracts ‘different’ from Season 1? Is it just that the curator writes a paragraph about their selection now?

Here I was hoping the curator gets to make their own escalation/contract with IO’s help or something :frowning:


The Season 1 curators also got to write about their selection and themselves so it wouldn’t even be the new thing if there is one.

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Welp, see y’all next month.


That statement just made my day. I’m still chuckling as I type this. :rofl:

Also, congratulations, @MulletPride. Looking forward to see your selection.


First off congrats @MulletPride, looking forward to the selection!

I am curious how IO is picking curators. Mullet isn’t the most active member on the forums at least, although he has done APA and to my knowledge is active in Frotes Speedrun Community. Is he really active on the subreddit?

Also how are you going to pick your contracts? One’s you already know you like or ask for submissions? Either way looking forward to them :grin:


I’m pretty sure they’re done like a month or so in advance, so I think you can rule out the whole submission idea, they’re probably already mostly been integrated by IO’s team already


Well, since he’s helped me organize a ton of hitman tournaments over the last half year, with lots of tournaments coming up in 2020, i’d say it’s very well deserved.

He’s one of the biggest contributors to the hitman community.


@KevinRudd is right.I sent @MulletPride a PM and he said that all the contracts have already been selected.


Stop it, I’m crying <3 huehue. Thanks for the kind words Froggy.


I would’ve enjoyed doing a selection based on a batch of submissions, but I was told to keep it quiet. So I don’t know how I could’ve accepted submissions if nobody knew to submit them to me! xD

Very cool MulletPride! Congratulations :slight_smile:
Just for my curiosity: how does IO reach out to you? What made you stand out for them? Any tips on how to become a curator?


First off, thanks for the congrats! I’d like to save some of those answers for the blog post they’ll be putting on their website. But the biggest contributing factor is your community engagement. Their Twitter account yesterday stated that there is no “exact science” on how they’re picking a curator, but assured that they felt confident in my contract selection and appreciated my community contribution(s).

To answer your last question, I didn’t ask to be the curator, nor did I “try” to be the curator. 10 minutes after the last IO Monthly stream, I had a DM from Clemens, asking if I’d like to be curator. So just keep being active in the community, put forth whatever you can to keep fellow community members engaged, and hopefully ClemDog will reach out to you in the coming months! :wink: